S1 : E1


The Art Of: Comics looks at artists whose strips entertain adults and kids alike, including a political cartoonist whose work explores Latino culture, a beloved comics publisher, and the man behind our favorite super heroes, Marvel and Pow! Entertainment's, Stan Lee.

S1 : E2

Wine Country

The Art Of: Wine Country looks at artists who take inspiration from and perfect their tasty crafts in the heart of Northern California wine country from famed chef Cindy Pawlcyn whose signature dishes define the taste of Napa to the vineyards of Pixar's John Lasseter and the sculpture gardens and exhibit spaces of Artesa Winery.

S1 : E3


The Art Of: Taste looks at artists who play with the culinary palate from the ultimate tastemakers behind world famous Jelly Belly candy, to a family of farmers who coax extraordinary flavors from artisanal goat cheese, and, a collection of creatives who spice up their canvas with hot sauce-inspired art.

S1 : E4

The Beach

The Art Of: The Beach looks at artists whose work takes them out of the office and into the sand, sun and waves, including a bikini designer whose integrating her Cuban heritage into her work, a surfboard shaper from down under, and a contest that takes the art of sand castle building to new heights.

S1 : E5


The Art Of: Drag goes behind the scenes at a drag pageant put on to raise money for charity, explores the transformation of one of Ru Paul's Drag Race contestants, and dives into the world of a documentary filmmaker who wants to put the lesser known world of drag kings on the map.

S1 : E6


The Art Of: Comedy serves up the laughs with looks at three distinct areas of comedy. We'll show you what it takes to do stand-up with Maria Bamford, Melinda Hill and others at the Tiger Lily show, record a special podcast with Bill Burr, Al Madrigal and more from the All Things Comedy network, and explore the art of improvisation with the world-famous Groundlings improv group.

S1 : E7


The Art Of: Vegas takes a look at the art that makes Sin City one of the world's most visited locations. We'll look at the design team that created the fountains of the Bellagio, get gluttonous at the Cosmopolitan's world famous Wicked Spoon food hall, and see what it takes to be a showgirl at the last classic showgirl revue in Vegas.

S1 : E8


The Art Of: Music explores music's artistic significance, by going on stage with a Latin funk band from Miami, inside the studio with record label Buskin, and into the classroom at the Los Angeles College of Music.

S1 : E9


Who knew there was an art to noodles? We explore Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisines and their fascination and passion for making noodles.

S1 : E10


The Art Of Tequila takes a look at the festive spirit of tequila. Casa Mexico Tequila brings us through the process of tequila making, from harvesting to bottling. Finally, we make three simple, delicious tequila cocktails with Mario Lopez.

S1 : E11

Design Inspiration

Ever wonder how a designer sees the world? In this episode of "The Art Of:", watch as the Delta Design team tours Vancouver, BC’s stunning cityscape. Join them as they gather inspiration from the Fairmount Pacific Rim with a Liam Gillick poem wrapping the façade, or the noteworthy public art displays, like Yue Minjun’s sculpture, “A-maze-ing Laughter.”

S1 : E12


The Art of Graffiti profiles artists who explain how tagging and spray painting have evolved into complex and celebrated street art.

S1 : E13

Hip Hop

The Art of Hip Hop features profiles of an artist on an independent hip hop label, a transgender rapper, and an urban dance group.

S1 : E14


The Art of Mixology profiles an entrepreneur who creates cutting edge cocktails using unique herbs and seasonal ingredients, a Barber Shop that serves prohibition style martinis and a woman who has turned her passion for mixology into a successful career.

S1 : E15


The Art of Sushi profiles a married couple whose restaurant has perfected the art of take-out sushi, a chef who started a sushi chef training school and a women who caters sushi parties.

S1 : E16


The Art Of: Dessert looks at the sweet styles of three dessert artists with their 3D printed sugar sculptures, hand-painted chocolates and perfectly composed pastries.