Archaeologist and South American specialist Dr Jago Cooper explores the origins, achievements, and nature of the Inca Empire. Jago travels from the highlands of Ecuador to the shores of Lake Titicaca; from the Pacific Coast to the peaks of the Andes. Along the way he will build a picture of how this remarkable empire functioned. How the Inca mastered their landscape to produce food for millions. How they exported their unique architectural style spread across the continent. How they built an astonishing network of roads to connect the cities of the Empire. And how their encounter with the Spanish resulted in disaster… The Inca: Masters of the Clouds will present a rich, comprehensive and engaging history of one of the world’s most incredible and beautiful civilizations.

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The Inca built the largest pre-Columbian empire in the Americas. In Foundations, Dr. Jago Cooper explores how they did it.

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Clash of Empires

By the early sixteenth century, the Inca had conquered the Andes and controlled a huge swathe of western South America. But within a year of arriving in Peru, a few hundred Spanish conquistadors had captured their capital, Cuzco. Dr. Jago Cooper explores the reasons for the Incas' fall.