S1 : E1

Under the Sea

Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Josh explores the Mesoamerican Reef, learns the secrets of ceviche, and goes hunting for jungle bee honey.

S1 : E2

Mayan Madness

Valladolid, Mexico. Josh puts on his dancing shoes and learns the Jarana, tastes the ultimate local dish of cochinitap, and tries his hand at hammock weaving in a Mayan village.

S1 : E3

Like Water for Chaac

Merida, Mexico. Josh sees a Mayan chocolate ceremony, learns about henequen production, and tries his hand at tortilla making.

S1 : E4

Hot Salsa!

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Josh visits a vejigante mask maker, stops into the kitchen of Chef José Santaella for Mofongo 101, and dances the salsa with 300 people!

S1 : E5

Fun Guy!

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Josh has custom leather sandals made by a local artisan, discovers the art of moko jumbie stilt walking, and learns the island way to cook fish.

S1 : E6

Norway the Right Way

Bergen, Norway. Josh dances with Vikings, learns the tradition of Norwegian wool sweaters, and discovers some of the world’s freshest seafood.

S1 : E7

Swedish and Sublime

Stockholm, Sweden. Josh experiences the world’s stinkiest food, learns the delicate art of glass-blowing, and gets a folk-art carving lesson from one of Stockholm’s legendary carvers.

S1 : E8

City of Delight

Paris, France. Josh takes us on a tasting tour with a local Parisian foodie, meets a master craftsman whose specialty is vintage umbrellas, and learns the art of French gastronomy from a renowned chef.

S1 : E9

Pure Spanish

After arriving in Girona, Josh heads for the Catalan countryside and learns about mar y montaña, the secret behind the local cuisine. Josh attempts to create a traditional Spanish ceramic piece and enjoys a game of handball with a local pro team.

S1 : E10

Sky High

Barcelona, Spain. Upon docking in Barcelona, Josh dives deep into Catalan history and culture. He begins with medieval tapa tasting, then crafts a candle at the oldest shop in the city, before helping a local group build massive human towers.

S1 : E11

Cruisin' the Caribbean

Josh rereads some of his favorite journal entries from his voyages of the Caribbean Sea. He discovers the art of stilt walking, teams up with a famous chef to learn to make a traditional dish called mofongo and goes hunting for jungle bee honey.

S1 : E12

15th Century Smile

Aix-en-Provence, France. Josh explores the region of Provence and visits a farm to learn about goat cheese, try his hand at milking goats, and sample the fresh cheeses. Then he meets a talented figurine maker and brings a souvenir back to the ship.

S1 : E13

World Champion Pesto

Genoa, Italy. Josh explores the culture and cuisine of this historic Mediterranean port. At a basil farm, he helps make a truly authentic version of pesto, then he learns the traditional process of candying fruit.

S1 : E14

Mediterranean Melting Pot

Marseille, France. Josh is invited by a local chef to take part in the world-famous culinary tradition of bouillabaisse and tries his hand at a famous local beach game called petanque and visits a soap factory.

S1 : E15

Kung Fu Master

Hong Kong. Josh visits the port of Hong Kong where a local foodie takes him on an unforgettable tour of the city’s nearly extinct foods, receives a lucky fortune at an ancient temple, and gets a Kung Fu lesson.

S1 : E16

Europe Top to Bottom

Josh rereads some of his favorite journal entries from Europe. In Stockholm, he learns to blow glass. In Bergen, he tries the reindeer hot dog. In Barcelona, he is blown away by massive human pyramids. Finally, in France he meets a figurine maker.

S1 : E17

Tuscan Fun

Florence, Italy. Josh visits the birthplace of the Renaissance and learns to make gelato from scratch. For a grand finale, Josh gets a lesson in opera before catching a show at the birthplace of the art form to see how the real pros hit all the notes.

S1 : E18

Little Island, Big Flavor

Singapore. At a floating restaurant, Josh takes on a spicy national dish called Chili Crab. Then, a local actress introduces Josh to handmade flower garlands in the city’s Little India district. And Josh seeks out specially beaded shoes.

S1 : E19

Cameo Appearance

Campaña, Italy. Josh sails to Naples and heads straight to the source to taste a local delicacy - true buffalo mozzarella. Josh learns an ancient form of intricate shell carving and tries his hand at the noble tradition of falconry.

S1 : E20

All The Marbles

Rome, Italy. Josh heads straight to the Roman Forum to soak in the city’s immense history. Then, he carves his name in a marble slab and learns to make gnocchi. Later, Josh joins a class at gladiator school.

S1 : E21


Sydney, Australia. Adorable joey kangaroos easily win Josh over before some decadent desserts blow his taste buds away. For a truly special experience, an aboriginal cultural guide teaches Josh to throw a returning boomerang and play the didgeridoo.

S1 : E22

Voyage Around the World

Josh rereads some of his journal entries from his voyage around the world. In Mexico, Josh is taught the craft of weaving hammocks. In France, he learns about a traditional soap. In Italy, Josh makes pesto. In Hong Kong,he struggles to learn Kung Fu.

S1 : E23

Pizza Perfection

Naples, Italy. Josh learns a traditional dance that for centuries was used as a remedy for sickness and then dives head first into the local cuisine. Josh tries a delicious pastry and takes a lesson in making authentic pizza.

S1 : E24

Elephant-Sized Fun

Phuket, Thailand. Josh learns the ancient art of dyeing fabric and enjoys a line-up of authentic Thai food. Then, his final excursion makes the biggest impression as two Asian elephants show off their playful side at a rescue sanctuary.

S1 : E25

Life's a Beach

Sydney, Australia. After surveying the coastal landscape from a seaplane, Josh learns that “shrimp on the barbie” is actually a real thing. Josh tries out the indigenous tradition of natural basket weaving and finishes his day on a surfboard.

S1 : E26

Italy by Sea

Josh rereads some of his favorite journal entries from Italy. It begins at a Roman gladiator school, and then in Campania he tries fresh mozzarella cheese. Next, he heads to Florence to see opera. Finally, he discovers the tradition of candying fruit.

S2 : E1

Top of the World

Talkeetna, Alaska. Josh takes a train to the town of Talkeetna. He visits a local bakery where he discovers a celebrated bread. Then, he takes a flightseeing tour of Denali. Lastly, a team of Iditarod sled dogs takes Josh for a ride.

S2 : E2

First City of the Last Frontier

Ketchikan, Alaska. Josh’s adventure begins by exploring the legendary Tongass National Forest. He seeks out a skilled master craftsman to learn how to make totem poles. Later, he teams up with top-ranked timbersports athletes.

S2 : E3

All the Tea in Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan. He visits a Taiwanese master skilled in the ancient art of glove puppetry. Venturing into its famous markets, Josh dares to try the city's signature stinky tofu! Finally, he explores a majestic tea farm high above the city.

S2 : E4

Nature's Masterpiece

Juneau, Alaska. Josh visits a hatchery where he learns how the salmon population is sustained and about crab fishing. Josh finally gets to kayak to the great Mendenhall Glacier and ventures deep inside its majestic ice caves.

S2 : E5


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Josh visits a skilled artisan who crafts handmade pieces using the technique of bronze casting. Then, he meets a chef who teaches him the art of making pho. Finally, Josh goes into rice fields where he learns to harvest rice.

S2 : E6

Alaskan Gold

Anchorage, Alaska. At an animal sanctuary, Josh gets the opportunity to see an American bald eagle. He then heads to the countryside sees the wild and woolly muskox. Finally, Josh finds a different kind of treasure when he pans for gold.

S2 : E7

Vintage Havana

Havana, Cuba. Josh takes a spin in a vintage American car. Next, he visits a grand restaurant tries the country’s national dish. Finally, Josh rubs elbows with Havana’s movers and shakers and gets a master class in a celebrated dance style.

S2 : E8

Viking Territory

Copenhagen, Denmark. Josh visits a restaurant known for the country’s national dish. Then, he heads out to sea and explores massive wind turbines. For his final adventure, Josh helps to build a Viking ship, using the same materials as the Nordic warriors.

S2 : E9

Pearl of the Orient

Shanghai, China. He learns the ancient martial art of tai chi and then discovers how to make soup dumplings. Finally, Josh takes a swing at a sport that’s become a Chinese phenomenon - badminton!F515

S2 : E10

Caribbean Gem

Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. He discovers the natural wonder of amber, an indigenous gem. Next, he learns how to make sancocho, the island’s national dish. Fascinated by the country’s success in major league baseball, Josh visits a sports academy.

S2 : E11

Northern Highlights

Josh rereads some of his journal entries from Alaska. In Juneau, he kayaks to the Mendenhall Glacier. In Ketchikan, Josh learns about timbersports from Alaskan lumberjacks. Finally, in Talkeetna, he takes a tour of the tallest mountain in North America.F519

S2 : E12

Medieval Magic

Dubrovnik, Croatia. He visits a silk museum. Next, Josh ventures into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Later, he explores the area’s famous salt flats and uncovers the incredible history behind this prized commodity.

S2 : E13

Tokyo in Bloom

Tokyo, Japan. Josh learns the Japanese art of flower arrangement and enjoys learning to make authentic Tokyo-style sushi. Later, he explores the ancient sounds of Japan by learning to play the powerful Taiko drums!

S2 : E14

Jamaican Me Happy

Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Josh rafts down the picturesque Martha Brae River. At a plantation, he learns about Jamaica's High Mountain coffee. Later, Josh visits a famous jerk chicken restaurant.

S2 : E15

Olympic-Sized Adventure

Athens, Greece. Upon arriving, he learns how traditional prayer beads have been transformed into a popular part of Greek culture. Then, he makes a signature Greek dish. Lastly, he meets an Olympian who teaches him to throw the javelin.

S2 : E16


Belize City, Belize. Josh kicks off his day with a local chef who teaches him how to make a traditional Belizean stew. Next, he goes into the jungle and discovers Mayan ruins. Finally, Josh enjoys a breathtaking underwater adventure swimming with sharks.

S2 : E17

Asian Adventure

Josh rereads some of his favorite journal entries from Asia. In Vietnam, he ventures into the lush rice fields. In China, he discovers the city’s specialty soup dumplings. Finally, in Taiwan, Josh treks to a tea farm.

S2 : E18

Sweet Paradise

Mallorca, Spain. Josh takes a scenic ride on a one-of-a-kind wooden train. At a gourmet sausage lab, he learns how to make sobrasada. Later, Josh visits a historic bakery where he tries his hand at creating an ensaimada, the island’s most beloved pastry.

S2 : E19

Sounds of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal. At a traditional artisan workshop, Josh learns the ancient art of handcrafting Lisbon’s iconic, decorative tiles. Next, he gets a master class in making vegetable tempura. Later, Josh is introduced to Fado music.

S2 : E20

Bay of Dreams

Kotor, Montenegro. First, he meets a chef who shows him the method for preparing sac. He travels to the countryside to learn more about an ubiquitous natural treasure. Finally, Josh meets with some of the country’s top-ranked water polo athletes.

S2 : E21

Tropical Delights

Josh rereads some of his journal entries from the Caribbean Sea. In Havana, Cuba, he learns a celebrated dance style. In Belize, he swims with sharks. In Jamaica, he visits a restaurant famous for its jerk chicken.

S2 : E22

Monkeying Around

Panama. Upon arriving Josh visits Monkey Island, where he gets up close and personal with the country’s most adorable inhabitants. Finally, he meets an indigenous tribe and learns about their traditional lifestyle.

S2 : E23

Kicking It, Rio Style

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Josh discovers Brazil’s vast array of exotic fruit and sinks his teeth into some of its juicy bounty. Next, he teams up with a local soccer player and lastly takes a tour Rio from the sky, hang-gliding high above the city.

S2 : E24

Two to Tango

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon arriving, Josh joins a culinary class and learns about empanadas. Next, he hops into the saddle and learns polo. For his final adventure, Josh embraces the country’s most iconic dance – the tango!

S2 : E25

Flavor of Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand. Josh explores the magical floating market that offers an array of exotic produce. Next, he takes cooking class and learns the art of making pad thai! Finally, he visits an ancient village.

S2 : E26

European Wonders

Josh rereads some of his journal entries from Europe. In Spain, he takes a ride on a wooden train. In Greece, he learns to make signature Greek cuisine. In Portugal, he visits one of the oldest factories of decorative tiles in the city.