A brand new six-part Asian travel guide for those who yearns for an adventurous WEEKEND getaway to a unique place in Asia where you explore, learn, have fun and eat something new – all in just one weekend.

S1 : E1

Island Hopping in Flores, Indonesia

Roz Pho spends her adventurous weekend by sailing, snorkelling, cooking and witness the komodo dragons – all in Flores, Indonesia.

S1 : E2

Canyoning in Da Lat, Vietnam

This Weekend - Khai Saharom travels in style, canyons and cooks in Vietnam’s ‘best kept secret’ the beautiful highlands of Da Lat.

S1 : E3

Biking in Mindoro, Philippines

Vaune Phan, heads to Mindoro, Philippines and experiences the local Mangyan culture, zip lines and witnesses how tuna is prepared for export

S1 : E4

Going Green in Chambok, Cambodia

his Weekend – Thanuja Ananthan, a model and activist takes off to Chambok Cambodia to explore village life filled with fun and adventure.

S1 : E5

River Surfing in Riau, Indonesia

Heng Su-Ann heads off to Pekanbaru, Indonesia, learning about batik bono and traditional fishing and river surfs on the legendary bono wave.

S1 : E6

Road Trip to Bentong, Malaysia

Claire Jedrek & Yuey Tan drive to Bentong, Malaysia for a fun-filled weekend getaway riding horses, ATVs and relaxing in a Japanese spa.

S2 : E1

Aerial Adventures in Cebu

In Cebu, Philippines, MMA fighter Theebaan challenges himself with aerial adventures. He confronts a lifelong fear to skydive.

S2 : E2

Speed Thrill in Perth

Munah Bagharaib, an online personality, chases thrills in Perth. She flies a chopper, rides a high-flying trapeze and races a formula 1 car.

S2 : E3

Sand and Sea Adventures in Mui Ne

Pro boxer Kirstie Gannaway finds surpreises in Mui Ne, Vietnam. She bashes through dunes in a truck, scarfs down a meal of lizard, and sails a catamaran.

S2 : E4

Island Adventures in Okinawa

Food writer Victoria Cheng experiences Okinawa, Japan, paragliding across the ocean and snorkeling the Blue Cave.

S2 : E5

Nature Adventure in Margaret River Region

Aaron Wong, a photographer and amateur chef, explores Margaret River Region, Australia. He dives Busselton Jetty and in a personal first, tries coasteering.

S2 : E6

Staycation Adventure in Singapore

Fiona Fussi staycates in Singapore, seeing her city in a different light. She climbs a ship’s mast and jets skyward on a hydro blade.