S1 : E1


Richard and actor Kathy Burke do Barcelona in 48 hours, including some far-out cuisine, Cava tasting, a guided tricycle tour and surrealist artist Miro.

S1 : E2


Richard and comedian Adam Hills embark on a whirlwind visit in Istanbul, including a boat trip, a massage, a very close shave, and some haggling at the Grand Bazaar.

S1 : E3


Richard takes actor Jessica Hynes on a whirlwind weekend away to the stunning scenery of Iceland, for waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, whales, rotten shark and elf school.

S1 : E4


Richard and actor Stephen Mangan eat steamed sheep's head and go hot air ballooning and camel riding on a quickie weekend trip in Morocco.

S2 : E1


Richard goes to Vienna with comedian Chris O'Dowd to sample the sausages, cakes, wines and spirits. The pair also take a hot-rod tour, visit a fairground, the Freud museum and the city sewers.

S2 : E2


Richard Ayoade and Mel Giedroyc do a Paris le weekend, with snails, absinthe, a cordon bleu cookery course, bespoke perfume and an art tour.

S2 : E3


Comedian Noel Fielding joins Richard for 48 fast and funny hours in the Danish capital, with cycling, sightseeing, art, sandwiches, beer and rollercoasters.

S2 : E4


Richard and Greg Davies attempt to extract the essence of Moscow in two days, as they clash with army tanks, head into space and visit one of the strangest circuses in the world.

S2 : E5


Richard Ayoade heads to southern Spain with comedian Rob Delaney from Catastrophe, where they eat tapas, learn to dance flamenco and go a bit Wild West.

S2 : E6


Richard and Jo Brand do a fast, funny and ruthlessly efficient trip to Venice, learning to row a gondola, sampling Venetian tapas, and staying at the famous Hotel Danieli.

S2 : E7


Richard stretches the description mini break to the limit as he heads to the United Arab Emirates for a luxury bonanza with comedian Johnny Vegas.

S2 : E8


Richard heads for super-cool Berlin with comedian Roisin Conaty, taking in the city's famed nightlife, Checkpoint Charlie, fancy food, and a replica Cold War apartment.

S3 : E1

New York

Richard and comedian Katherine Ryan take a fast and funny trip to New York. Their overflowing schedule includes skyscrapers, roller blades, museums, ferries, show-tunes and cronuts.

S3 : E2


Hollywood actor Paul Rudd joins Richard to discover Finland's seaside capital, with a time-efficient exploration by kayak, a good steaming in the city's saunas and salty sweets.

S3 : E3


Actor and comedian Adam Buxton joins Richard for a high-speed tour of Portugal's capital, with trams, rickshaw, funicular and fado, and a visit to a doll hospital.

S3 : E4


Watch Richard and Jack Dee take a trip to Naples featuring humor, history, culture, pizza, Vespas and chaotic traffic, a trip to Capri, and a guide to the meaning of dreams.

S4 : E1

St Petersburg

Comedian Rob Beckett joins Richard Ayoade in Russia's cultural capital, for a post-Soviet itinerary including an armoured tank, caviar, vodka, and a herring in a fur coat.

S4 : E2


Richard and comedian Aisling Bea make a whirlwind tour of Hungary's fairy-tale capital, with selfies, goulash, cake, pubs, liquor, and a game of chess at the thermal baths.

S4 : E3


Richard Ayoade packs his case and heads to the Canaries to discover what lies beyond the all-inclusive resorts of the volcanic island of Tenerife. Making the trip from LA to join him is writer, director and actor, Lena Dunham.

S4 : E4


Richard and Rhod Gilbert's high-speed visit to Florida's famous hot spot takes in art, art deco, alligators, speedboats, an airboat tour of the everglades - and dominoes.

S4 : E5

Christmas Special: Florence

Hollywood actor Rebel Wilson joins Richard for a fun-packed whizz round Florence in a mini-break mixing art, action, gelato, a drive in a classic Alfa Romeo, and some tripe.

S5 : E1


Richard is joined by Matt Lucas, actor, comedian and many other things besides, for a frenetic 48 hours in the eternal city, Rome. Over a packed duo of days they cram in culture, cuisine, history, hats and as many sights as they can see.

S5 : E2


Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Sara Pascoe for a two day test of the mini break merits of Valencia. Together they ruthlessly examine Spain's third largest city, taking in its history, parks, architecture, culture and cuisine, as well as falling under the powerful spell of local cocktail agua de Valencia.

S5 : E3


Richard Ayoade and comedian Joe Lycett head to the mini break mecca of Amsterdam for a 48 hour hurtle through the city's attractions. In just two days the pair power through culture, cardio, canals, cuisine and much more, not all of it beginning with a 'c'.

S5 : E4


Richard Ayoade and actress Sally Phillips head to Stockholm for a fulsome 48 hours in the Swedish capital. Together they scale rooftops, sing Abba, eat Swedish-Danish, and stay up late playing on their phones.

S6 : E1


Richard Ayoade returns to provide much needed guidance and inspiration to would-be mini-breakers. This time, Richard is joined by comedian Lee Mack for a funny, yet surprisingly informative, 48 hours in Brussels - featuring culture, comics, pralines, puppets and attractions both large and small, including the Grand Place and the famous atom-shaped Atomium. There's also waffles, mussels - including Moules Genghis Khan - and the secrets of chocolate making.

S6 : E2


Richard is joined by actor Fay Ripley for a wintry mini-break in Oslo. Together they pack two days with sledging, screaming, skiing, sculpture and scoff.

S6 : E3


Richard Ayoade is joined by comic actor and writer Robert Webb - the destination Madeira. Together they seek to discover more than the Portuguese island's eponymous wine and cake, although both are sampled along the way. Madeira is famed for its bananas and for the culinary bravado of combining them with fish.

S6 : E4

Côte d'Azur

Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Shazia Mirza for a fancy two day detour on the Côte d'Azur, in the south of France. In Nice they hire a three-wheeled 'Nice Car' for a scenic tour of the city. They also scope out Cap Ferrat, blue art, fancy yachts, and a grotto in Monaco. Later, there's a pricey helicopter ride and a trip to the casino - in a bid to win back the budget overspend on the helicopter.

S6 : E5

Christmas Special: Hong Kong

In an hour-long Christmas extravaganza, Richard and Mad Men actor Jon Hamm tour Hong Kong, taking in a tai chi drop-in session, a ride in a chopper and some fusion dim sum.

S7 : E1


Richard Ayoade delivers the definitive guide to a 48 hours mini-break in Switzerland's largest city, Zurich. Joining him for fondue, hot chocolate, Dada, footie, and a ride on the steepest funicular railway in the world is Frank Skinner.

S7 : E2


Richard Ayoade and comic actor Jessica Knappett tour the White Isle of the Med where they spend 48 hours. They take in some alfresco art, deluxe cocktails, an exclusive supper club and a hippy gong bath.

S7 : E3


Richard Ayoade is joined by comedy titan Eddie Izzard for two days in Slovenia. The fun starts in the capital Ljubljana and the duo experience local tapas, orange wine, and a trip to the stunningly beautiful Lake Bled.

S7 : E4


Richard Ayoade and comedian Morgana Robinson tour a sweltering Milan. Together they criss-cross the city, taking in paintings, a musical pasta-making lesson, and a drink in the smallest bar in the world.

S8 : E1


Richard Ayoade is back on his mini-break travels. Comedy goddess Dawn French joins him in Athens for some ancient history, doughnuts, molecular food, ouzo, and a radical pedicure.

S8 : E2


Nish Kumar joins Richard Ayoade for a potter round Porto. Their hectic mini-break includes scooters, a tipple or two, a fat sandwich, pastries, confession and amazing views around the area.

S8 : E3


Richard Ayoade's joined by Alice Levine - DJ, broadcaster, podcaster - as the pair go on a rapid fling round Estonian capital Tallinn and all of the city's most see-able sights. Including eating at its top restaurant and visiting an old KGB outpost.

S8 : E4


Richard Ayoade and Bob Mortimer go for a spin round the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg. There is a Beatles tour in the red-light district, some local hash - corned beef - and hip cocktails.

S8 : E5

Christmas Special: 96 Hours In Jordan

In this Christmas special, Richard takes comedian and children's author, David Baddiel, on a four-day trip to Jordan. They visit Jordan's capital, Amman, reenact a train raid in Hollywood's favorite desert, feast with the Bedouins, fly a gyrocopter, stay at the smallest hotel in the world, visit the ancient city of Petra, learn how to cook the local Christmas specialty, and buy the three things gifted to baby Jesus by the three Wise Man.