We’re all so preoccupied with the ‘Next Big Thing’ in tech, most of us don’t realize that the real treasures are hiding in our basements, attics and closets! Vintage Tech Hunters features charismatic retro-tech-collecting duo, Bohus (“Bo”) and Shaun, who’ve turned their obsession with obscure technology into a thriving and lucrative business.

S1 : E1

Bohus and Shaun…Buy a Jukebox

During a road trip in Southern California, Bohus and Shaun find a vintage jukebox in dire need of repair. They take it to Los Angeles, to have it restored to mint condition. While in LA, they also hunt for vintage tech at local flea market and an e-waste recycling facility.

S1 : E2

Bohus and Shaun…Go on an Odyssey

On a road trip across the American Midwest, Bohus and Shaun discover a Magnavox Odyssey – the world’s first commercial video game. They set out on an odyssey themselves, hunting for missing parts they need to sell the game as a complete package.

S1 : E3

Bohus and Shaun…Talk to Gorgar

Bohus and Shaun take Gorgar, the world’s first talking pinball machine, to Dallas to have it restored. While in Texas, they unearth some rare vintage tech at a swap meet and hunt for deals at a liquidation sale.

S1 : E4

Bohus and Shaun…Buy Space Pants

Bohus and Shaun travel to Dallas to attend an auction of rare space memorabilia. They’re on a mission to buy a rare bit of tech from the last tragic mission of the Space Shuttle Colombia. On the way to the auction, they hit up as many flea markets and collections as they can.

S1 : E5

Bohus and Shaun…Go Berserk

Bohus and Shaun set out across Illinois in search of vintage coin operated tech. They manage to charm their way into the SanFlillipo estate – a collection of rare turn-of-the-century tech – to buy some rare museum quality coin op machines. They also discover a treasure trove of 1980’s arcade games in a small Illinois town.

S1 : E6

Bohus and Shaun…Race Slot Cars

On a road trip in Illinois, Bohus and Shaun find a rare vintage slot car kit at a local flea market. The guys head to a local slot car track to look for more vintage cars and experience the long forgotten sport for themselves.

S1 : E7

Bohus and Shaun…Drive a Microcar

On their way to Atlanta, Bohus and Shaun explore the Dixie Yard Sale – a 90 mile long yard sale along Georgia’s Dixie Highway. After finding some great vintage tech, they hunt through a multi-million dollar private collection that includes some rare, mint-condition microcars.

S1 : E8

Bohus and Shaun…Put the Pedal to the Metal

On a road trip in Southern Ontario, Bohus and Shaun unearth a Sinclair C5 – a rare British electric car rarely seen in North America. While waiting to have it repaired, they find some other unexpected finds in rural Ontario.

S1 : E9

Bohus and Shaun…Ride an Amphicar

After picking through a barn in upstate New York, Shaun and Bohus head north of the border to attend a boat show in Muskoka Canada. They get more than they expected once they get there – including a joy ride in a vintage amphibious car.

S1 : E10

Bohus and Shaun…Drive a Time Machine

Bohus and Shaun explore the back roads of Nova Scotia looking for cool vintage tech. What they discover surprises even them!

S1 : E11

Bohus and Shaun…Collect Apples

Bohus and Shaun find an old Apple two computer and take it to an expert to be repaired. When is it better to sell a vintage computer for it’s parts? The guys discover that the old Apple computers in our basements could be worth a lot more than we realize!

S1 : E12

Bohus and Shaun…Go to the Movies

Bohus and Shaun unearth some weird finds in a New Jersey Barn. And Bohus puts an old 8mm film projector to good use!

S1 : E13

Bohus and Shaun…Get Lit

Shaun and Bogus travel to Brooklyn to have an old neon sign brought back to life. As they wait on the restoration, the guys hunt through New York City’s trash and discover New Yorkers throw out some really cool stuff!

S1 : E14

Bohus and Shaun…Find a Higher Porpoise

After finding a pink dolphin coin-op ride, Bohus and Shaun head to eastern Ontario to have the peculiar porpoise restored. Along the way, they discover some great deals at a local flea market.