Philippe Cousteau Jr. is no stranger to exploration. The grandson of legendary underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, Philippe hosts and serves as executive producer of this half-hour earth science series that examines the planet. He visits diamond and gold mines to see how gems and metals are formed, travels to active volcanoes to observe what happens inside the Earth's burning core, and checks out weather stations in mountainous areas to get an idea of how weather phenomena form in the atmosphere.

S3 : E1

Winter Wonderland

In in Banff, Alberta, Canada,  Philippe heads to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for a snowshoeing expedition before climbing a frozen waterfall.

S3 : E2

Cultural Science

Phillipe explores Hawaii, Florida and the Pacific Northwest, paddling on a 6-man canoe, using plants as tools and food in the harsh terrain of the everglades and discovering the importance of salmon conservation.

S3 : E3


In the Bahamas, Philippe gets up close with Great Hammerhead sharks. Then we join a professional free diver to get a look at the world's deepest saltwater blue hole.

S3 : E4

Predatory Myths

We join the shark research team at the University of Miami for two days of shark studies before Philippe visits an antivenom lab home to hundreds of venomous snakes who use defense mechanisms to scare threats away.

S3 : E5

Animal Migrations

From Hawaii to the Rocky Mountains and Delaware, we follow the paths of animal migrations.  Philippe joins a humpback whale research team before seeing how Jackson, Wyoming accommodates thousands of elk that migrate to this area each winter.

S3 : E6

Planet Rescue

This week we see examples of people making a difference to help our planet. From a Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation center in North Carolina to Olympic National Park the planet heals itself through temperate rainforests that help to filter air pollution.

S3 : E7

South Carolina

Philippe joins the Department of Natural Resources to tag tiger sharks in Port Royal Sound. From there it's the shoreline of Port Royal Sound to examine ecosystem indicators through three different species of crab.

S3 : E8


Philippe heads to the University of Texas to see how research helping to control invasive fire ant populations then wrap up at the University of Pennsylvania to see how researchers study disease transmission of mosquitoes.

S3 : E9

Glacier National Park

This week we head to the beautiful landscape of Glacier National Park. Philippe heads out to uncover insect fossils dating back 45 million years.  Then we look at the intricate geology of the park itself.

S3 : E10

Nature’s Classroom

Philippe heads to Key Largo to join a high school class getting up close with local sea grass habitats. From there it's up to the Pacific Northwest to see how volunteers use camera traps to keep tabs on elusive animals.

S3 : E11

Natural Disasters

We see how science helps us prepare for natural disasters.  Philippe heads to the University of Miami to see their incredible SUSTAIN lab which simulate a category 5 hurricane.  Then it's off to the mountains of Alberta to learn about avalanche safety.

S3 : E12

Taking Flight

Philippe joins a researcher to go into Congaree National Park in South Carolina to catch and tag local bats.  We then look at the flight patterns and tendencies of wood storks.

S3 : E13

Microscopic World

This week we look at our microscopic world. Philippe heads to the University of Texas to break down the microscopic world of sand and then he’s off to USC to study some of the smallest organisms in the ocean.

S4 : E1

Dramatic Landscapes

Cousteau takes us to the American mid-West to see how wildlife in Yellowstone copes with the harsh winter, then we head to a Pacific island to explore some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world before venturing into the Canadian wilderness.

S4 : E2

Artists of the Environment

In this episode, Cousteau explores the different ways an environmental painter, sculptor, photographer and craftsman blend nature with art.

S4 : E3

Science on the Great Barrier Reef

Cousteau explores the Great Barrier Reef. He then heads to James Cook University to get an up-close look at some of the country’s deadliest creatures. Philippe ends his journey by visiting the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

S4 : E4

New Zealand

Cousteau travels to New Zealand, where he explores Auckland’s volcanic field and comes face-to-face with one of the largest insects on the planet.

S4 : E5

Natural Wonders

Cousteau heads to Hawaii to see a waterfall of lava pouring into the ocean. We’ll then visit the legendary Antelope Canyon of Arizona, walk atop a unique frozen lake in Alberta, and take a magical scuba dive into a cenote in Mexico.

S4 : E6

Student Explorer

In this episode, we reveal the winner of our first ever #StudentExplorer Contest. Philippe and the lucky student then head to Mexico to swim with whale sharks in the wild.

S4 : E7

Guardians of the Environment

Phillipe unearths some of the scientists, students and citizens working to save the planet. From creating safe havens for endangered species to introducing disadvantaged kids to the wonders of the oceans, environment guardians are making a positive impact

S4 : E8


Philippe travels to Pennsylvania to explore a hidden wonder beneath the Appalachian Mountains and see how researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using cutting-edge science to measure air quality in Pittsburgh.

S4 : E9


At Yellowstone we learn how rescue dogs find people caught in an avalanche and how rangers manage trails in harsh conditions. From there trips to Hawaii and Utah will see how rangers keep visitors safe and how technology can connect us to our parks.

S4 : E10

Environmental Engineers

A stop in Seattle reveals how migrating salmon can bypass America’s busiest locks. And finally, a trip to Mexico reveals the ancient symbolism hidden in the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá

S4 : E11

Animal Coexistence

We travel to Australia to catch the world’s deadliest jellyfish and see how climate change could lead them to some of the country’s most popular beaches. We visit California to see how the California Condor continues to slowly recover.

S4 : E12


We’ll join an oyster farmer as he pulls in a harvest off the coast of southeastern Louisiana, and then visit an aquaponics farm in Los Angeles to see how the owner is promoting sustainable food sources.

S4 : E13

Grizzlies of British Columbia

In this episode, we venture into the remote wildness of British Columbia, and get up close and personal with its animal inhabitants.