The life of detective Jessica King does not run exactly smoothly. When she becomes the head of the Major Crime Task Force, she is eager to prove she is the best cop in town.

S1 : E1

Lori Gilbert

It's been over a year since detective Jessica King was demoted to answering phones, due to a "personality difference" between her and her former boss. Now a new chief has taken over, and he puts her back as supervising detective.

S1 : E2


Brothers Max and Lucio Baratta, murderer drug dealers, can only be tried if a witness provides evidence. The team tries to manipulate him, promising a deal. He wears a wire, but technical problems doesn't provide proof that he's hired for another murder.

S1 : E3

Amanda Jacobs

The redoubted, elusive Riverside Raper left a victim alive and able to testify. When a suspect is compellingly linked to several cold cases and confesses, he insist the latest one isn't his work, yet only King feels compelled to go after the presumed copycat.

S1 : E4

Eleni Demaris

Retired PD colleague Eleni Demaris is in coma after one of a serious of violent, ill-considered robberies. The investigation is her squad's once a victim dies, and leads to junkies and the homeless.

S1 : E5

Farah Elliott

King breaks every rule in the book, exhausting the captain's patience, to vindictively persecute repeat minor sex offender Seymour Keagan. The same, offspring-devoted Cora seems unwilling to turn on him even when confronted with his latest foxy younger date. With her mother Eleni Demaris finally recovering, Dawn again makes an impossible pest of herself, exhausting Danny by escaping

S1 : E6

Ahmad Khan

Chief Garci reunites Derek Spears, facing another divorce, and King, who feels punished for the Keegan case, as a favor to police board member Dr. Robert Taaffe, to examine the murder on his university's campus of brilliant bio-medical researcher Ahmad Khan. Jeffrey Denmers, the young security guard who found him in the bunny experiment room, was involved in an anti-Muslim incident. However the team finds alternative motives in both the research team and Khan's Iranian family, who arranged a bri