Right Hand Man

S2 / E104

How to be a great side kick.

S2 : E100


Network Premiere: Monday, October 12th | 7PM ET

S3 : E1

Episode 1

Luther returns to investigate a twisted fetishist who is murdering women in a horrific echo of an unsolved case from the 1980s.

S3 : E2

Episode 2

Luther’s date with Mary and the promise of romance is interrupted by the news of another murder.

S3 : E3

Episode 3

Two young men in hoodies are shot at close range in what looks like a gangland crime. But when another man dies shortly after, Luther realizes that what the three dead men have in common is a criminal record. It looks like a new killer is on the loose – a vigilante with a personal vendetta against all past offenders.

S3 : E4

Episode 4

The vigilante makes his vendetta personal, targeting Luther and those closest to him and raining destruction on everything he touches. Stark and Gray arrive just in time to hurry Mary to a secret place, but is her safety really Stark’s priority or is she just a pawn in his game to lure Luther to him?

S2 : E101

Psycho Alice Morgan

Who is Alice Morgan?

S2 : E104

Right Hand Man

How to be a great side kick.

S2 : E102

Say What?!

Luther speaks the Queen’s English

S2 : E103

That’s Not Right

And Now: Every time we’ve heard “That’s Not Right” on Luther.