S2 : E1

City of the Dead

Five months after Joanna leaves, McCallum is still not coping, leaving Angela overburdened with work. An accident outside of a senior living home leads to unusual findings.

S2 : E2


Whilst still engaging in risky behaviour, McCallum aids Bracken in seeking a serial killer.

S2 : E3

Dead Man's Fingers

After Claire rotates out of Pathology, she tries to contact Iain but falls ill before she can tell him what's troubling her.

S2 : E4

Running on Empty

Two bodies are sent to pathology. Although both victims suffered from anorexia, nothing more suspicious is found. McCallum though looks more closely after the morgue is broken into and vital samples are stolen.

S2 : E5

Beyond Good and Evil

Dr. Gallagher goes on the hunt for the murderers of two women who have kidnapped his girlfriend. Will he get to her in time, or will she become their latest victim?