From deep within the morgue at St. Patrick's Hospital in London's East End, Dr. Iain McCallum and Dr. Angela Moloney, along with a team of brilliant pathologists and detectives, help the dead tell their stories.

S1 : E1

The Key to My Heart

Whilst working on a fraud inquiry, Claire Best loses her main suspect to murder. McCallum's PM on her suspect leads to complications in his personal and professions lives.

S1 : E2


The morning after his friends' 25th wedding anniversary party, McCallum must do a PM on the husband. Though the Jewish baker appears to have taken a nasty fall down stairs, there seems to be more to his death.

S1 : E3


McCallum carries out a post mortem on a young Brazilian prostitute found dead with signs of having been scalded. He later uncovers some surprising facts about the woman's past that may change the nature of the case.

S1 : E4

Dead But Still Breathing

A killer with a grudge against McCallum attempts to exact revenge with a combination of poison and threatening telephone calls.