Mr & Mrs Murder are Charlie (Shaun Micallef) and Nicola Buchanan (Kat Stewart), crime scene cleaners whose unique quirks and talents solve the most baffling murder mysteries. Together they are quasi superheroes.

Mr & Mrs Murder: Early Checkout

The Melbourne based crime-scene cleaning couple are called to a hotel to clean-up after the murder of a popular motivational author, stabbed apparently by one of the staff whose pleas of innocence result in the duo staying as guests.

Mr & Mrs Murder: A Dog's Life

One of the two local golf club owners is found dead following a dispute with dog owners who claim the right to walk their dogs across the council-owned land the fairway is on. The suspects? Dogs!

Mr & Mrs Murder: En Vogue

Charlie and Nicola's hazard suits may not be the latest collection from Paris or Milan but it doesn't stop them from entering the glamorous, fabulous and superficial world of runway shows, photo shoots and haute couture.

Mr & Mrs Murder: Atlas Drugged

It's a murderous level of muscle burn when a bodybuilder is found drugged and baked to death on a sunbed. There's a bulging mass of suspects: an overshadowed brother, a jealous rival, a devoted trainer and a long time grudge-holder.

Mr & Mrs Murder: Lost Soul

They say life's a cabaret, but that's hardly the case when the leading lady in the musical theatre show Lost Soul is found murdered beneath the stage.

Mr & Mrs Murder: The Next Best Man

The Best Man is poisoned on the eve of a wedding on the glamorous Scaletta family estate. He was the CFO of their successful family business, and advocating for some big changes within it.

Mr & Mrs Murder: Thoroughly Dead Thoroughbred

A vet killed by an overdose of horse tranquilizer sets off an investigation at stables that house champion racehorses. It looks like an inside job, and Nicola and Charlie go to dangerous lengths to suss out the truth.

Mr & Mrs Murder: A Flare for Murder

When Jennifer Travers is murdered on her yacht, Nicola and Charlie navigate their way through a series of clues. From a cut that won't heal, a hidden compartment, and a lovelorn message.

Mr & Mrs Murder: The Art of Murder

A homeless man is found crushed to death under a floating wall at a modern art gallery. When the death is declared a burglary gone wrong, a doubtful Nicola and Charlie investigate.