S1 : E1

Fathers and Sons

The Doyles help a close family friend beat a manslaughter charge despite the fact that he refuses to defend himself. Jake's relationship with his ex-wife is heating up when it should be cooling down.

S1 : E2

The Return of the Grievous Angel

A young woman comes to the Doyles with one case, to find her unknown biological father, but they end up solving three. Jake is distracted by Leslie while trying to extract himself from Nikki.

S1 : E3

Duchess of George

The Doyles take on a cold arson case for Mal's old flame to find out the tragic truth of what really happened when a girl died in a bar fire. Jake and Leslie are finally starting to connect.

S1 : E4

Blood is Thicker Than Blood

A wrongfully convicted murderer gets out of prison and offers the Doyles a generous payday if they find the real killer. Jake finds out the truth about Nikki's pregnancy.