S1 : E1

Fathers and Sons

The Doyles help a close family friend beat a manslaughter charge despite the fact that he refuses to defend himself. Jake's relationship with his ex-wife is heating up when it should be cooling down.

S1 : E2

The Return of the Grievous Angel

A young woman comes to the Doyles with one case, to find her unknown biological father, but they end up solving three. Jake is distracted by Leslie while trying to extract himself from Nikki.

S1 : E3

Duchess of George

The Doyles take on a cold arson case for Mal's old flame to find out the tragic truth of what really happened when a girl died in a bar fire. Jake and Leslie are finally starting to connect.

S1 : E4

Blood is Thicker Than Blood

A wrongfully convicted murderer gets out of prison and offers the Doyles a generous payday if they find the real killer. Jake finds out the truth about Nikki's pregnancy.

S1 : E5

Hit and Rum

The Doyles start trailing a potentially cheating husband but find he is in deep trouble with some menacing criminals. Nikki moves forward with her new beau. Jake and Leslie take it to the next level.

S1 : E6

The One Who Got Away

The Doyles start trailing a potentially cheating husband but find he is in deep trouble with some menacing criminals. Nikki moves forward with her new beau. Jake and Leslie take it to the next level.

S1 : E7

The Woman Who Knew Too Little

Jake sets out to find the true identity of a beautiful amnesiac. Martin Poole refuses to leave town and wreaks havoc in Rose and Mal's relationship and Leslie gives Jake the cold shoulder.

S1 : E8

The Tell-Tale Safe

A grieving widow hires the Doyles to find out why her husband left a generous sum of money in his will to a woman she's never heard of. Rose continues to battle with Martin over their divorce.

S1 : E9

He Sleeps with the Chips

A dubious chip truck owner notices his truck is missing, along with his driver/best buddy. He cons Jake into taking the case. Martin crosses a line with Rose and she takes matters into her own hands.

S1 : E10

The Pen is Mightier Than the Doyle

Mal suddenly leaves town and lends Jake out to be shadowed by a pompous crime novelist. Jake's entire life, including his constant relationship woes, is put under the authorial microscope.

S1 : E11

A Horse Divided

Jake and Mal are pulled into a family favour case when Walter's soon-to-be brother-in-law suddenly disappears on the day of his wedding. Leslie meets Jake's brother Christian for the first time.

S1 : E12

The Fall of the Republic

When Jake receives a mysterious late night call from Christian, he's not prepared for the scary crime scene he finds at the other end of the line. Nikki makes a significant step moving on from Jake.

S2 : E1

Live and Let Doyle

Jake is on the trail of a group of bold daytime kidnappers. Leslie and Jake take steps to move on from each other as Rose tries to figure out the next steps after Mal's heart attack.

S2 : E2

Popeye Doyle

Jake plays prisoner when he goes "inside" to find out the location of some stolen diamonds from a gang of incarcerated criminals and Mal finds out that Rose has been keeping a big secret from him.

S2 : E3

A Stand Up Guy

The Doyles are employed to help a comedian on the edge of a comeback find a dangerous stalker and Leslie defines the boundaries for the men in her life, including Jake.

S2 : E4

The Son Also Rises

It gets personal when the Doyles band together to protect someone they love from the cops and from a killer. Tinny gets in a little further with her new hobby and her new friends.

S2 : E5

Something Old, Someone Blue

It's matrimony, Doyle style, as Jake and Mal are tasked with finding the person responsible for sabotaging an upcoming wedding. Mal and Rose fix a bump in the road in their relationship.

S2 : E6

The Ryans and the Pittmans

When an old Doyle family friend goes missing at sea, the Doyles are hired by his daughter to find out what really happened. Jake is forced to bail out Christian and picks up another line of business.

S2 : E7

Crashing on the Couch

Jake and Mal are called to check into some death threats that have been made to a respected psychiatrist; an old "friend" from the past shows up and makes an interesting proposition to the Doyles.

S2 : E8

Sympathy for the Devil

The Doyles reluctantly take on a case from a dodgy "old friend" who promises them a big payday. Jake and Allison encounter friction when their professional lives affect their personal relationship.

S2 : E9

Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up?

When Des finds himself in a very bizarre and compromising position, the Doyle clan works overtime to get him off the hook. Jake meets someone who has been complicating Allison's life.

S2 : E10

The Special Detective

Crime novelist Garrison Steele returns again to both hire and torment Jake to help him research a murder case. Jake and Leslie struggle to keep their mutual affection for each other in check.

S2 : E11

Don't Gamble with City Hall

Jake buys an expensive gift for Allison only to have it stolen by a thief. The Mayor finds himself in a compromising position and asks for Jake's help and silence. Leslie thinks she's being followed.

S2 : E12

St. John's Town

The Doyles are hired by a real estate agent to investigate a series of strange occurrences at the site of her controversial housing development. Leslie uncovers some suspicious facts about the Mayor.

S2 : E13

Family Business

When Tinny and Des are snatched from the safety of the Doyle home in broad daylight, Jake is forced to confront a dangerous man from his past. Jake makes a decision about his future with Allison.