Adele: Homecoming

The eagerly anticipated wait is over, after 5 years since the release of her last album, Adele is back! Fans have applauded her return, by breaking the record for most viewed video in a single day, reaching an astounding 28.7 views in the first 24 hours. Her debut single “Hello” has blown everyone away, and her album will likely follow suit. Through her own words, video and live performance this documentary takes an incredible look at the life and times of this truly amazing young artist.

Amy Winehouse: A Final Goodbye

A Final Goodbye is an intimate look into the life and times of Amy Winehouse from her rise to pop superstardom through to the inner demons that inspired her work and eventually caused her untimely death.

Chantel Riley & Lauren Lee Smith

What’s it like working on a female-driven show?

Dolly Parton: Queen of Country

Dolly Parton is the most honored female country performer of all time. Her career began at an early age. She started as a child performer on the radio, then started recording at the age 13. She had a stream of hit singles in the 80’s, the most success being her 1981 hit ‘9 to 5’, and her duet with Kenny Rogers ‘Island in the Stream’. She is reigning queen of Country Music.

Emma Portner

Emma Portner is a choreographer, with an impressive portfolio.

J-Lo: Let's Get Real

Her talents go from acting, to fashion, dancing and singing. With a net worth over 250 million dollars, J.Lo has conquered the Latin American and pop music scene. From the streets of the Bronx to the red carpets of Hollywood, she has achieved more than most would dream for. Follow the story of one of the most talented and successful women in showbiz. The real Latina diva, Jennifer Lopez.

Janet Echelman

These breathtaking sculptures are made out of nets.

Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago is a feminist artist.

Lady Gaga: The Art of Music

Exploitative, excessive, cutting edge... and that's just her music! Lady Gaga has redefined the boundaries of where a pop icon can go both on stage and off. As one of the industry's leading (and most controversial) performers, Lady Gaga shows no signs of slowing down her music and fashion innovations.

Natalie Cole narrates and co-stars in the riches-to-rags-to-riches story of her own unforgettable life. From her childhood with her famous father (singer Nat 'King' Cole), to her current success as a singer and actress, this is a story of rebirth and renewal, featuring a soundtrack of original hits.

London Kaye: Yarn Bombing

New York based artist, London Kaye is taking a new approach to street art.

Modern Hero: Dr. Audrey Evans & Mo’ne Davis

This episode highlights how role models come from all walks of life - Whether it's 16-year-old Little League legend Mo'ne Davis, or Co-Founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities who changed the lives of millions, Dr. Audrey Evans, both women bring hope to all generations.

Modern Hero: Kat Cole & Dr. Arabia Mollette

This episode highlights three powerful stories of grit, determination, and willpower - resulting in extraordinary lives. Viewers will meet one of the most powerful business figures in the country, Kat Cole, an emergency room physician who defied unthinkable odds, Dr. Arabia Mollette, and a viewer nominated NASA engineer, Farah Alibay.

Modern Hero: Patrice Banks & Michelle Poler

On this episode, meet two incredible women who took destiny into their own hands. First up, Patrice Banks, an engineer turned entrepreneur, who's shattering gender stereotypes as the Founder and CEO of Girls Auto Clinic. Next up, Michelle Poler, a native of Caracas, Venezuela who realized her crippling anxiety and fear stopped her from living life to the fullest. Instead of retreating, she ran towards her fears.

Modern Hero: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy & Amy Wright

When Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, exited the plane in December 2011, she had no idea she would be fighting for her life. Since then, she started a foundation that provides support to those in need. Next, 2017 CNN Hero of the Year, Amy Wright, was inspired by her two children with Down Syndrome. She started a movement through her coffee shop franchise, where individuals with intellectual and development disorders work at the shop.

Modern Hero: Sister Mary Scullion & Meg Saligman

On this episode, we meet Sister Mary Scullion, named by TIME Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World". Her organization, Project HOME, has saved thousands of homelessness people. And public artist Meg Saligman, who has created installations honoring Pope Francis and Martin Luther King Junior. Meg is determined to use art to bring communities together.

Modern Hero: Lauren Lake & Project HEAL

Meet Lauren Lake, a lawyer, professional singer, interior designer, and judge on the series Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court. Lauren's mission is to live limitlessly, and to empower women to do the same. Kristina Saffran and Liana Rosenman both battled eating disorders and joined forces to stamp out the mental illness for good. They launched Project HEAL the largest non-profit in the U.S. for treating and supporting eating disorders.

Nia Franklin

Winston-Salem: A mini New York.

Shakira: Hits Don't Lie

Follow the rise of one of the most successful Latin-American pop artists of all time. Known for her catchy lyrics and hip shaking dance moves, Shakira has had swept up millions of fans around the globe. She has won numerous awards including two Grammy Awards. Learn how the Colombian born star signed her first record deal at 13, how her first two albums failed and how she shot to superstardom, selling over 70 million albums worldwide making her the highest selling Colombian artist of all time.

Dolly Parton: Coat of Many Colors

Described by Dolly as her favorite of the songs she has written. This episode explores how her impoverished childhood became a breeding ground for her drive and independence.

Dolly Parton: I Will Always Love You

Dolly breaks ties with the hottest country TV star, Porter Wagoner, and writes a simple tune that expresses her feelings for her now riled ex-partner. The 1973 song became a massive hit again in 1992 when it was covered by the late Whitney Houston.

Dolly Parton: Jolene

Rolling Stone ranked "Jolene" in the top 250 greatest songs of all time. Parton wrote the hit song about a redheaded woman was paying a little too much attention to her husband.

Dolly Parton: It's All Wrong But It's All Right

Dolly's seventh number one country single crosses over to the pop charts. Parton talks about the struggle of keeping her country roots while trying to reach a larger pop music audience.

Dolly Parton: 9 to 5

Originally recorded for the feature film "9 to 5," Dolly's ode to the working woman coincided with her Hollywood big screen debut. She received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Song and acting nominations from the Golden Globes.

Dolly Parton: Travelin' Thru

Successful in every aspect – Singer/Songwriter/Movie Star/Theme Park owner/Philanthropist/Author and more – but Dolly’s not slowing down. Written for the 2005 film "Transamerica," "Travelin' Thru" marked Dolly's second Academy Award nomination.

Sheryl Crow: Strong Enough

(2014) After the first singles on her debut record don’t get any traction, Sheryl finds success with a powerful statement about finding a partner who can truly be her equal.

Sheryl Crow: If It Makes You Happy

(2014) Following years of back-up singing and contending with envious collaborators, Sheryl proves her autonomy with a hit that verifies her as a musical powerhouse who answers only to herself.

Sheryl Crow: My Favorite Mistake

(2014) Sheryl taps into her personal life for inspiration, leading to an intimate song about a past relationship, and creating speculation over her unnamed muse.

Sheryl Crow: Redemption Day

(2014) Inspired by a trip to war-torn Bosnia, Sheryl writes this song which is later recorded by Johnny Cash, and ultimately ignites her interest in recording country music.

Blondie: One Way or Another

(2014) Upon the song’s release, lead singer Debbie Harry’s strong persona seemed to be a liability with American audiences, but the group found early support from countries like Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Blondie: Heart of Glass

(2014) The track that made the group a household name came with a price. The NYC punk community that had embraced Blondie was now turning on the band for going disco.

Blondie: Call Me

(2014) When Blondie borrowed Donna Summer’s producer to record a song for the film “American Gigolo,” they ended up with the biggest hit of their career.

Blondie: Rapture

(2014) Although their pioneering merge of rap with pop proved that Blondie was as forward-thinking as they were commercial, behind the scenes the group was dealing with a band member’s life threatening illness.

Lindsey Stirling: Crystallize

(2014) Lindsey’s unique meshing of violin and electronic music left the music industry baffled, but her perseverance and creative use of YouTube as a promotional tool helped her reach a massive audience.

Lindsey Stirling: Elements

(2014) As Lindsay’s music continued to find bigger audiences, her videos allowed her to express the passion for dance that she had put on the shelf.

Viktoria Modesta: Bionic Artist

Viktoria Modesta is pushing the boundaries of art.

Yayaoi Kusaya

Yayaoi Kusaya is a Japanese artist who has been making art in various forms for over 60 years.