Ovation Documentaries

Andy Warhol's Factory People

Take and in-depth look at the lives and times of the unique people who spent exclusive time with Andy Warhol and worked at the Factory during the silver sixties, making it all click as a new counter-culture arose and began to exert its influence throughout the arts scene in New York. Features never before seen archival footage and intimate interviews with the Warhol "stars" who knew Andy best, including Billy Name, Ultra Violet, Gerard Malanga and Taylor Mead.

Brilliant Green

This Ovation TV Original Special explores how the demands of becoming eco-friendly has inspired a wide variety of designers to become even more creative.

Dancing for Russia: What Makes a Bolshoi Dancer?

A documentary examining the history and impact of the Bolshoi Ballet, and what makes them world class.

David Hockney - Time Reclaimed

He is a major figure in the pop art movement; one of the most popular and influential artists of his generation. The motifs and colors of his canvasses have been widely reproduced, and are now part of the 20th century art pantheon, changing the way we view the world.

Ford’s Theatre: America’s Playhouse

In this original documentary special, Ovation will celebrate the history of the Ford’s Theatre as one of the nation’s most iconic cultural institutions.

Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway

The remarkable story of how a group of inspired mavericks made an unlikely marriage of hip-hop and history the biggest musical show in America…and are getting ready to conquer the world!

Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven

This Ovation TV original special highlights the work of American artist Jeff Koons. Includes interviews, a look at his work through the years, an exclusive tour of his studio, and notes his most recent museum installation in Chicago, Illinois.

Stealing Van Gogh

On 7th December 2002, two thieves broke into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They stole two paintings and disappeared into the night. The theft is listed by the FBI as one of top ten art crimes of all time. In late 2016, the paintings were discovered holed up behind a false wall in a hideout of the Camorra, the notorious Neapolitan crime syndicate.

The Actors Studio: Mastering The Art Form

Featuring exclusive interviews with prominent members of The Actors Studio, this half-hour documentary delves into the formation and seven decade history of The Actors Studio, revealing how this one-of-a-kind institution keeps the membership of actors, directors and playwrights in top form and how this esteemed space gave rise to The Actors Studio Drama School and the long running hit series "Inside the Actors Studio."

The Kaws Effect

The KAWS Effect’ profiles KAWS, one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, to uncover the impact the digital revolution has made on his art, fame and life. From teenage graffiti artist on the streets of New York, to creator of awe-inspiringly monumental sculptures, this film charts the rise to fame of the artist known only as KAWS. With a major exhibition currently pulling in the crowds at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, KAWS’s work is now in demand worldwide.