The Art Of: Cuisine China Live

Host Chelsea Cannell visits chef George Chen at the newest culinary crown jewel of Chinatown in San Francisco: The 30,000 square foot interactive dining experience China Live. Chelsea discovers the secrets behind authentic Chinese food and also tastes the delights at the exclusive and upscale restaurant 8 Tables by George Chen.
  • 5 Weddings

    An American journalist travels to India to cover Punjabi weddings, but winds up in the middle of a colorful mosaic of transgender dancers and cultural clashes, and falls in love with the man seeking to keep her story censored.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S02 E04

    Ramsay arrives in Thailand, where he is challenged to a televised food battle by Thailand's primetime celebrity chef. A novice when it comes to Thai cuisine, Ramsay soaks up the culture and flavors of the country in order to prepare for the challenge.

  • Tie the Knot

    A modern American woman travels to Mumbai to get away from the stresses of city life and her over-bearing mom. There she bonds with a successful Indian women striving to make her family happy yet accept that she will only marry for love. What ensues is a generational mash-up of old-school traditions and contemporary dreams.

  • The Rise of KPop

    BTS, BLACKPINK, iKon, EXO, VIXX, G-idle, NCT. The Korean wave has arrived! K-pop has officially taken over the world. Now some of the biggest artists in the world are the result of a booming idol culture that has brought incredible songs, unmatched choreography and high concept production to a music revolution.

  • The Art of Architecture

    An in-depth look at Japanese architect Kengo Kuma's first UK project, the magnificent V&A Dundee, including the huge challenges behind its construction.

  • The Art Of S06 E02 - Cuisine Single Thread

    Join Ovation and host Chelsea Cannell on an excursion to California's wine country and Sonoma County's first three Michelin Star restaurant, Single Thread. We visit the Single Thread farm, charming Inn and enjoy a feast for the eyes and tastebuds with a one of a kind tasting course with owners Kyle and Katina Connaughton.

  • The Art Of S06 E01 - Cuisine China Live

    Host Chelsea Cannell visits chef George Chen at the newest culinary crown jewel of Chinatown in San Francisco: The 30,000 square foot interactive dining experience China Live. Chelsea discovers the secrets behind authentic Chinese food and also tastes the delights at the exclusive and upscale restaurant 8 Tables by George Chen.

  • The Art Of S05 E06 - Pure Leaf Tea

    The Art Of explores everything Pure Leaf Tea. Tea Expert Alex white travels to the Dewata Tea Estate in Indonesia where we see the delicate process of tea production, from picking, to drying, to brewing. Finally, Alex puts his expertise to work as he explains the intricate skill of tea tasting.

  • The Art Of S05 E04 - Noodles

    Who knew there was an art to noodles? We explore Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisines and their fascination and passion for making noodles.

  • The Art Of S01 E05 - Sushi

    (2013) Chef Andy Matsuda, Nikki Gilbert. A look at creative fields that are outside the traditional definition of “art.” "The Art of Sushi" profiles a married couple whose restaurant has perfected the art of take- out sushi, a chef who started a sushi chef training school and a women who caters sushi parties .

  • Raiders of the Lost Art: Tomb Raiders

    The history of various thefts of art and efforts to recover them.

  • Pursuit of Love

    In Hong Kong, an American ex-Marine (Sean Faris) falls for a Chinese ballerina (Grace Huang), and the two star-crossed lovers might have to risk it all in pursuit of true love.

  • Ovation's Ballerina

    With intimate interviews, dance sequences, and archival material, this documentary follows Ella as she explores her identity and offers a glimpse into her life as an elite ballet dancer in the largest company in the southern hemisphere.

  • Outsourced

    After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty products salesman (Hamilton) heads to India to train his replacement.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S02 E03

    Gordon is in Malaysia where he is invited to cook his first Malaysian curry for the Prime Minister, scales great heights to find the key ingredient to birds nest soup before he's entered in to a cooking competition against some of the country's hottest female cooks.

  • American Canvas S01 E01

    Host Dave Holmes visits San Francisco to show us the artistic side of The City by the Bay, including the acrobatic dance troupe Bandaloop, a journey back to the Beat Generation, and an exhibit inside Alcatraz by artist Ai Weiwei.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S02 E02

    In Vietnam, Ramsay tests his skill by attempting to master authentic Vietnamese cooking in a week. He explores the intricacies of Vietnamese cuisine as he pushes himself to the limit eating snakes and pulsing hearts, and selling soup from a rowboat.

  • Bruno Mars: Just the Way I Am

    Bruno Mars has soared to fame from struggling songwriter to international superstar. Having performed at the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show alongside the Red-Hot Chili Peppers, Mars has cemented his status as a global icon. Mars began his journey at a young age, performing in his hometown Honolulu, Hawaii. Now, with over 45 million singles sold worldwide, Bruno Mars has gone from strength to strength. This is Bruno Mars and his fascinating story.

  • Celebrity Conversations S03 E01 - Ai Weiwei

    Film critic David Poland sits down with the biggest names in entertainment for an in-depth conversation about their art, craft and life. Tonight, David talks to Ai Weiwei.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E01

    Whether street art and tofu or Bruce Lee and the Star Ferry, Hong Kong is a city overflowing with art and history. Stephen learns about its secrets from locals and expats.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E02

    Stephen immerses himself in local culture, learning about generations worth of traditions from barber shops to mask-making.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E03

    Island of the Gods. With Bali’s ecological majesty as our backdrop, we find people working hard to make a difference in their community and coming together to save the planet.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E04

    From an indie musician in Mumbai to a skate community rallying together to help local children, Stephen finds the personal stories of art and perseverance in a community of 1.3 billion people.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E05

    Where else can you find a beach full of cats after shopping in a vintage vinyl store in the heart of the city or watch a shadow puppet show after having a home-cooked meal prepared by two entrepreneurs?

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E06

    From urban bustle to tranquil beaches, Taiwan has a soul and culture all its own. Creativity abounds in its people, not to mention the greatest vegan food in the world.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E07

    Explore a place where it’s illegal to be a tattoo artist and the people living in a rapidly changing culture. A place where GPS limitations mean the possibilities to get lost in music and art are endless.

  • Chasing The Sun S02 E08

    Land of the rising sun and the fastest trains in the world that takes us from skateboarders to drag queens and one of the last remaining old-world jazz bars. We meet a chalk artist and a sculptor who makes art with a bite (aka: real teeth).

  • Gordon's Great Escape S01 E01

    Gordon travels around Northern India to look for more authentic versions of the popular Indian dishes he grew up with, and at the end, has to prove he's learned how to cook some authentic Indian food in front of a foodie crowd in New Delhi.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S01 E02

    Gordon wants to learn more about cuisines of India that aren't normally represented in UK restaurants, so he travels to remote Northeast India to search them out, and open a food cart in Calcutta for a day to prove he's learned something.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S01 E03

    Gordon travels to Southern India to learn more about vegetarian cooking and Indian fish dishes. He cooks Sambar with a street chef and puts on a fancy dinner for the upper crust of Mumbai.

  • Gordon's Great Escape S02 E01

    Ramsay travels to Cambodia, where he finds some surprising delicacies, swaps recipes with locals, and visits a culinary school for poor youth to pick up some tips before preparing a traditional meal for Cambodian royalty.

  • The Method S01 E01 - Kuma Films

    In this episode of The Method, we go inside the world of filmmakers Todd and Joe Robins.

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