Freddy Boise

A heart goes missing before a transplant and King's team must track it down. King's father falls ill.

Mystery Alley - King

Season 2
Season 1
Season 2
  • King S02 E01 - Alina Minkute

    The death of a stripper after a domestic disturbance leaves King and Major Crimes Task Force leading the investigation. The drowned stripper is linked to the son of the former chief of police. King is 8 weeks pregnant. The father of Jes's kid still is unknown. Danny and Jessica are in the middle of paying off Dannys bookie for the sum of $50,000.

  • King S02 E02 - Josh Simpson

    King and her team investigate the shooting of an officer at an illegal poker game.

  • King S02 E03 - Jamilla Karan

    The daughter of a jewelry-buyer is kidnapped. After some other cops interfere in what they didn't know to be a ransom drop-off, the Major Crimes Task Force is brought in to fix things. King becomes worried about her pregnancy.

  • King S02 E04 - Charlene Francis

    King's ex-husband, a Detective Sergeant (Shawn Doyle), has his car stolen. In the back seat is a computer with case files revealing the identity of an undercover officer.

  • King S02 E05 - Sunil Sharma

    fter a lead detective can't handle the case of a murdered Hindu family, King brings in her team to figure out whether or not it was an honor killing.

  • King S02 E06 - Freddy Boise

    A heart goes missing before a transplant and King's team must track it down. King's father falls ill.

  • King S02 E07 - Jared and Stacy Cooper

    King and her team investigate the apparent murder-suicide of a wife and her MMA-fighter husband. King takes an old woman, arrested for throwing stones at a car, under her wing.

  • King S02 E08 - Isabelle Toomey

    Evans discovers that false testimony may have been given in her brother's murder trial. King finds out why healthy pregnancies are unlikely for her as long as she's with Danny.

  • King S02 E09 - Chris Harris

    Evans discovers that false testimony may have been given in her brother's murder trial. King finds out why healthy pregnancies are unlikely for her as long as she's with Danny.

  • King S02 E10 - Alicia Pratta

    King and her team investigate the sexual assault of the daughter of a woman whose own sexual assault, years earlier, was mishandled by the Winnipeg police. King and Danny start the adoption process.

  • King S02 E11 - Justice Calvin Faulkner

    King must contain a scandal and delve into the messy personal life of a Family Court Judge after he's found strangled with a negligee.

  • King S02 E12 - Aurora O'Donnell

    Aurora O'Donnell's 911 call leads police to a corpse-dumping ground north of the city. King and her team must find the serial killer responsible.

  • King S02 E13 - Wendy Stetler

    Scott Spivak is dead, but King is convinced his uncle is responsible for some of the Lake Road killings. But with no evidence, another suspect, and turmoil in her personal life, can she close the case?

  • King S01 E01 - Lori Gilbert

    It's been over a year since detective Jessica King was demoted to answering phones, due to a "personality difference" between her and her former boss. Now a new chief has taken over, and he puts her back as supervising detective.

  • King S01 E02 - T-Bone

    Brothers Max and Lucio Baratta, murderer drug dealers, can only be tried if a witness provides evidence. The team tries to manipulate him, promising a deal. He wears a wire, but technical problems doesn't provide proof that he's hired for another murder.

  • King S01 E03 - Amanda Jacobs

    The redoubted, elusive Riverside Raper left a victim alive and able to testify. When a suspect is compellingly linked to several cold cases and confesses, he insist the latest one isn't his work, yet only King feels compelled to go after the presumed copycat.

  • King S01 E04 - Eleni Demaris

    Retired PD colleague Eleni Demaris is in coma after one of a serious of violent, ill-considered robberies. The investigation is her squad's once a victim dies, and leads to junkies and the homeless.

  • King S01 E05 - Farah Elliott

    King breaks every rule in the book, exhausting the captain's patience, to vindictively persecute repeat minor sex offender Seymour Keagan. The same, offspring-devoted Cora seems unwilling to turn on him even when confronted with his latest foxy younger date. With her mother Eleni Demaris finally recovering, Dawn again makes an impossible pest of herself, exhausting Danny by escaping

  • King S01 E06 - Ahmad Khan

    Chief Garci reunites Derek Spears, facing another divorce, and King, who feels punished for the Keegan case, as a favor to police board member Dr. Robert Taaffe, to examine the murder on his university's campus of brilliant bio-medical researcher Ahmad Khan. Jeffrey Denmers, the young security guard who found him in the bunny experiment room, was involved in an anti-Muslim incident. However the team finds alternative motives in both the research team and Khan's Iranian family, who arranged a bri

  • King S01 E07 - Cameron Bell

    Danny Sless wrestles with his loyalty to his gang violence squad partner Jim Lowell, who wants his support when an amateur video shows he physically abused an informer, and the truth. He's so furious about King's utterly non-supportive attitude, even nagging on over his alleged gambling problem, that he moves out indefinitely. Meanwhile King's team takes over their fatal shooting investigation, looking for a missing witness trough his kid brother, and finds both a different target and alternativ

  • King S01 E08 - Scout Winter

    Civil rights blogger Trevor Winter is beaten with a baseball bat in his (trashed) home by a masked man who may well belong to the Neonazi Northern Front, whose local chapter he recently confronted. Their leader Robert Carlson turns out to be an undercover federal detective. Widower Trevor's boy Connor and daughter Scout are placed in their surprisingly well-prepared, estranged maternal grandfather's custody. Danny's upcoming legal procedure keeps causing trouble, as does King's yet undisclosed p

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