Whilst still engaging in risky behaviour, McCallum aids Bracken in seeking a serial killer.

Mystery Alley - McCallum

Season 2
Season 1
Season 2
  • McCallum S02 E01 - City of the Dead

    Five months after Joanna leaves, McCallum is still not coping, leaving Angela overburdened with work. An accident outside of a senior living home leads to unusual findings.

  • McCallum S02 E02 - Harvest

    Whilst still engaging in risky behaviour, McCallum aids Bracken in seeking a serial killer.

  • McCallum S02 E03 - Dead Man's Fingers

    After Claire rotates out of Pathology, she tries to contact Iain but falls ill before she can tell him what's troubling her.

  • McCallum S02 E04 - Running on Empty

    Two bodies are sent to pathology. Although both victims suffered from anorexia, nothing more suspicious is found. McCallum though looks more closely after the morgue is broken into and vital samples are stolen.

  • McCallum S02 E05 - Beyond Good and Evil

    Dr. Gallagher goes on the hunt for the murderers of two women who have kidnapped his girlfriend. Will he get to her in time, or will she become their latest victim?

  • McCallum S01 E01 - The Key to My Heart

    Whilst working on a fraud inquiry, Claire Best loses her main suspect to murder. McCallum's PM on her suspect leads to complications in his personal and professions lives.

  • McCallum S01 E02 - Sacrifice

    The morning after his friends' 25th wedding anniversary party, McCallum must do a PM on the husband. Though the Jewish baker appears to have taken a nasty fall down stairs, there seems to be more to his death.

  • McCallum S01 E03 - Touch

    McCallum carries out a post mortem on a young Brazilian prostitute found dead with signs of having been scalded. He later uncovers some surprising facts about the woman's past that may change the nature of the case.

  • McCallum S01 E04 - Dead But Still Breathing

    A killer with a grudge against McCallum attempts to exact revenge with a combination of poison and threatening telephone calls.

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