There is a Light That Never Goes Out

A Homeless Guy finds a dead woman in the city harbour.  He seems to know the nice lady.  But when passers-by mention calling the police - he flees.

Mystery Alley - The Blue Rose

Season 1
Season 1
  • The Blue Rose S01 E01 - There is a Light That Never Goes Out

    A Homeless Guy finds a dead woman in the city harbour.  He seems to know the nice lady.  But when passers-by mention calling the police - he flees.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E02 - What Difference Does It Make

    Jane and Linda pool information from the flash drive Jane found under Rose's desk. When they follow a lead in one of the letters, they meet Sonya, another pal of Rose. Linda calls in some favors and Jane causes nosy PA, Krystal, to find a new will.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E03 - Sheila Take A Bow

    Jane and Linda continue their search for the Homeless Guy.  Linda thinks it’s their only lead, unless Jane can turn up something at M&L. Jane feels the pressure from Simon to take the job, but has a rival, Krystle.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E04 - This Charming Man

    Derek Peterson storms to Simon, about journalist, Adam Revill. Ganesh asks The Blue Roses to help his friend, Pip. Revill blogs confidential information, Derek calls Simon for help.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E05 - Pretty Girls Make Graves

    Simon goes AWOL as Helen wants a document sent out - the Cranston matter.  Simon informs her the file is in his safe.  As Jane gets it, she spies documents about Rose. Simon claims his cousin is unwell, but Jane finds that his cousin is the Homeless Guy.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E06 - Paint a Vulgar Picture

    Ganesh has finally got the phone working and it reveals that Charlie texted and called Rose on the night she died.  Linda goes straight to Bayside with a photo of Rose and Jane checks the CCTV footage.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E07 - Money Changes Everything

    Linda sees Grant with Nina at her netball practice.  Grant’s looking after Nina because Margie has a new job and he intends get a DNA test to prove he is Nina’s father. Linda wants the Blue Roses to intervene, stop the DNA test.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E08 - Half a Person

    Linda assumes Jane is upset after her break up. Jane seems to have hopes of getting back together with Ben. Linda smelling a rat and find that Ben is at Rebecca the editor’s place.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E09 - Suffer Little Children

    Krystle bullies Jane into volunteering for an M&L charity.  Sonya thinks it’s a PR exercise, but has news on Felicity - she was DICed on the night Rose died. But they need police reports. Ganesh is reluctant, but goes to do his duty with Varsha.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E10 - Handsome Devil

    We find Linda in a bike race with Peterson, which he wins. Jane finds Simon has a secret meeting. Charlie harasses Jane into joining him and Krystle for a drink.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E11 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes

    Linda gets an invitation to go to Peterson’s place - as the M&L partners, get the summons to a Peterson party.  Jane is being harassed by Charlie about their hot kiss. Sonya has a new cause for the Blue Roses, since they have no new leads.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E12 - Girl Afraid

    Linda wakes in the night to find Peterson on the phone and upset. Jane finds Simon has checked with the building manager and knows she lied about how she got into his apartment. Jane sees Peterson arriving to meet Helen.

  • The Blue Rose S01 E13 - Hand in Glove

    As the body and Villiers hit the news, Jane is piqued when Helen digs about Simon. This seems like confirmation of guilt, as Sonya suggests Ganesh check the suspects from Mosely’s e-mail. Peterson confronts Linda, someone copied his hard drive was it her?

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