Spirited Away

When a young man with Tourette's syndrome stumbles across an abandoned baby, Psych Crimes searches for the birth mother, and finds more than one heartbreaking story of motherhood and post-partum psychosis.

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Season 1
Season 2
  • Cracked S02 E01 - Swans

    After a masked gunman kidnaps a young woman from a locked psych ward, it becomes clear that the case is more complicated than it looks. Psych Crimes needs help from a new psychiatrist, Dr. Clara Malone, before things spiral out of control in this thrilling tale of love on the run.

  • Cracked S02 E02 - The Price

    Members of a rock band (Toronto's "The Balconies") are the victims of a brazen shooting in a downtown nightclub. Aidan and Clara have to determine whether the key witness - an ex-model with a shady past - is truly suffering from traumatic amnesia or lying to conceal the identity of the killer.

  • Cracked S02 E03 - The Valley

    When a schizophrenic young man living in the Rosedale Valley ravine is found murdered, Psych Crimes is called to a puzzling scene: the location has been cleaned and the body carefully posed. What starts out as a murder investigation becomes a quest to save a family and avert another disastrous outcome.

  • Cracked S02 E04 - Faces

    When a shopkeeper is knifed in Kensington Market, Psych Crimes needs to help him overcome his unique illness - Face Blindness - in order to identify the attacker. But soon their investigation leads them to a place in which the roles of attacker and victim, and even their ideas of justice, are called into question.

  • Cracked S02 E05 - The Hold Out

    When a bomb goes off in the home of an elderly paranoid man locked in a battle with a successful developer, Psych Crimes is called in to sort through conspiracy theories in search of the truth. The man might be paranoid - it doesn't mean people aren't out to get him.

  • Cracked S02 E06 - Ghost Dance

    Psych Crimes is called to investigate the brutal murder of an Aboriginal woman on a lonesome stretch of highway. Homicide already has a suspect in custody, but as the team begin to connect this case to others along the same highway, they develop a conflicting theory: there's a serial killer on the loose.

  • Cracked S02 E07 - Hideaway

    The murder of a community health worker takes on a special meaning for Pysch Crimes, as the deceased is someone from Leo's past, forcing him to confront his deepest regrets. Meanwhile, the investigation leads the team to discover an abused young woman who could be a victim, the perpetrator or both.

  • Cracked S02 E08 - Voices

    When the Property Manager at a seedy Parkdale tenement house winds up murdered, things take a strange turn. A resident with schizophrenia appears with the murder weapon, claiming the devil told him where it was. The team need to sort fact from delusion in their quest for the truth, a quest that leads deep into a terrifying nightmare.

  • Cracked S01 E01 - How the Light Gets In

    On his first assignment in a new division, the erratic Detective Aidan Black and Doctor Daniella Ridley must solve the strange murder of a young boy found stabbed, with a lightbulb sticking out of his chest.

  • Cracked S01 E02 - Fallen

    Psych Crimes investigates the connection between a manic patient's apocalyptic hallucinations, and a violent murder.

  • Cracked S01 E03 - What We Can't See

    A bullied schoolgirl violently lashes out at her tormenters, Aidan and Daniella dig into her home-life and find bizarre ties that extend well beyond the family.

  • Cracked S01 E04 - White Knight

    Aidan develops a dangerous relationship with a woman he rescues from a psychotic killer still on the loose.

  • Cracked S01 E05 - No Traveller Returns

    Psych Crimes investigates an assault against a psychiatrist - the key witness in a hearing that could set a murderer free.

  • Cracked S01 E06 - Spirited Away

    When a young man with Tourette's syndrome stumbles across an abandoned baby, Psych Crimes searches for the birth mother, and finds more than one heartbreaking story of motherhood and post-partum psychosis.

  • Cracked S01 E07 - Rocket Man

    Psych Crimes investigates the murder of one member of a feuding rock duo after the bipolar lead singer is found raving and naked atop a billboard.

  • Cracked S01 E08 - The Thump Parade

    A washed-up hockey enforcer's fragile mental state is called into question when Psych Crimes uses him as an agent in an operation against a cold, manipulative criminal.

  • Cracked S01 E09 - Cherry Blossoms

    A high school girl's dramatic and macabre suicide leads the Psych Crimes team into the heartbreaking world of bullying, and the dark and tangled web of teen girl social dynamics.

  • Cracked S01 E10 - Inquest

    A coroner's inquest into the accidental death of a young boy turns into a witch-hunt against Aidan who finds his fitness for duty the subject of vicious debate.

  • Cracked S01 E11 - Night Terrors

    In the aftermath of the inquest, Aidan and Daniella clash while on the hunt for a serial rapist with an odd fetish signature.

  • Cracked S01 E12 - Old Soldiers

    A brazen daylight robbery takes a turn for the bizarre after one of the thieves has a mid-robbery mental breakdown, which lands Psych Crimes the case.

  • Cracked S01 E13 - The Light in Black

    After the husband of a well-known human rights lawyer is found murdered with his body contorted sadistically, Daniella and Aidan's search for the killer lures them right into to the terrifying world of psychopathy.

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