Returning to the hospital as an orderly after dropping out of med school, Griffin Conner gets a whole new perspective in the "downstairs" world of cleaners, transport workers and aides.

S1 : E1

Bad Blood

Griffin Conner is being rushed to the hospital after having been in a bar fight. Zoe Rivera is accidentally stuck with a discarded syringe.

S1 : E2


Griffin's first day as Bethune's newest porter is a rocky one, while Melissa forges an unlikely connection with the sister of a patient whose life she is scrambling to save.

S1 : E3

Testing, Testing

Brian resolves to improve his patient interaction after receiving several complaints, while Griffin forms an unlikely bond with a cantankerous war veteran.

S1 : E4


An infection in the pediatric ICU causes panic among the staff. Sandy finally tells Brian she is pregnant after she watches him interact with some children and Griffin helps Zoe in an important matter