A thrilling drama series set in the glamorous Côte d'Azur on the southeastern coast of France. An extremely powerful and wealthy banker, Constantine Clios, and his wife, Georgina, lead an extremely luxurious lifestyle. However, all of this changes after an explosion on a yacht kills Constantine. Georgina's world is turned upside down as she begins to discover the details of his life, which becomes even more complicated with the presence of his ex-wife and children. She decides to embark on a dangerous journey to find out what really happened to her husband on the yacht.

S2 : E102

Behind The Scenes: Dimitri Leonidas

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S2 : E105

Behind The Scenes: Juliet Stevenson

Who is Lady Cassandra Eltham?

S2 : E106

Behind The Scenes: Lena Olin

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S2 : E108

Behind The Scenes: Poppy Delevingne

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S1 : E1

Villa Carmella

The young widow of a billionaire banker, who died in an explosion aboard his luxury yacht, discovers that her late husband wasn't the man she thought she knew. As she uncovers the shocking truth it leads her into danger.

S1 : E2


Georgina is informed that Constantine's dealings are under investigation by Interpol. Meanwhile, Irina makes a deal with a major player within the underworld of the Riviera.

S1 : E3

The Secret Chamber

Georgina searches for answers into her husband's possible death by reviewing his movements on the day of the explosion. Christos's hedonistic behaviour spirals out of control.

S1 : E4

Family Paintings

Following her discovery in the safe room, Georgina attempts to track down her husband's elusive art collector. Delormes finds a way to bring Negrescu to justice.

S1 : E5


A frustrated Georgina uses the Clios Foundation's lavish gala as an opportunity to pin down a person of interest, but the party receives an uninvited guest.

S1 : E6

Artist's Work

The Clios family are questioned by police after the events of the gala. Meanwhile, Delormes uncovers wreckage from the yacht that may change everything.

S1 : E7

The Gift

With Interpol's net closing in on Georgina, she and Carver set out to close the investigation once and for all. Irina reveals a family secret to Negrescu.

S1 : E8

The Key

Georgina must join forces with an unlikely ally when she receives a threat from a stranger. Christos's rehab goes well, but a new relationship put him in danger.

S1 : E9

An Eye for an Eye

To keep her family safe, Georgina crosses a line she can never return from. Delormes uncovers the identity of his opponent and attempts to take them down.

S1 : E10

In the Sight of All

In the face of tragedy, Georgina resolves to free her family from danger and faces her opponents head-on.

S2 : E1

I Saw What you Did

Having murdered her stepson Adam, Georgina returns to the Villa Carmella, determined to conceal her crime from the family, only to find a mysterious message: someone who knows her secret. Georgina sets out on a quest to confront her accuser.