This four-part series follows Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins along a quest for truth that is filled with financial, diplomatic, and personal hurdles. As Dawkins gets more entwined in unraveling an international conspiracy, he learns to face his challenges with the utmost fortitude.

S1 : E102

Being Watched

The prime minister is being watched!

S1 : E104

Father of the Nation

The prime minister travels with an entourage…

S1 : E101


What is Nightlight?

S1 : E1

Episode 1

Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins vows to take on American petrochemical company Petrofex after a devastating accident on British soil. Following the suspicious death of the Prime Minister in a plane crash, Dawkins' understated political ambitions are tested as heavyweights Ros Yelland and Felix Durrell vie for the top job, but neither appears to have justice for the victims at the forefront of their campaign.

S1 : E2

Episode 2

Following his shock election victory, Tom Dawkins launches an enquiry into the toxicology anomalies at the blast in Scarrow. As British intelligence locates the whereabouts of al-Qaeda chief Tamin al-Ghamdi, a reluctant Dawkins is pressed to take him out. Meanwhile, after her superiors at GCHQ fail to take her findings seriously, Agnes reaches out to the one man she thinks could help her.

S1 : E3

Episode 3

After revelations of covert drone fuel production in Scarrow, Tom Dawkins finds himself in the centre of a political storm. His pursuit of the corrupt banker, Sir Michael Rix, makes him enemies in the financial world and in his own party. Ellis Kane continues to dig into Dawkins' past and discovers some uncomfortable truths. Fossett begins to investigate the information passed to him by Agnes, unaware of the dangers it brings.

S1 : E103

Tweeting Huh?

Check out these Tweets from Secret State.

S1 : E100

Where Do I Know Them From?

Look familiar? Find out where you have seen the Stars of Secret State before.