S2 : E4

Dolly Parton: It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right

Dolly's seventh number one country single crosses over to the pop charts. Parton talks about the struggle of keeping her country roots while trying to reach a larger pop music audience.

S2 : E5

Dolly Parton: 9 to 5

Originally recorded for the feature film "9 to 5," Dolly's ode to the working woman coincided with her Hollywood big screen debut. She received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Song and acting nominations from the Golden Globes.

S2 : E6

Dolly Parton: Travelin’ Thru

Successful in every aspect, Singer/Songwriter/Movie Star/Theme Park owner/Philanthropist/Author and more, but Dolly is not slowing down. Written for the 2005 film "Transamerica," "Travelin' Thru" marked Dolly's second Academy Award nomination.