Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye is loosely based on the real life experience of Sue Thomas, a deaf woman whose ability to read lips landed her a job with an elite surveillance team at the FBI.

S1 : E1

Pilot Part 1

Sue Thomas is a deaf woman with the ability to read lips. She moves to Washington, D.C. to begin her new job as an FBI agent, which she didn't find as exciting as she hoped it would be.

S1 : E2

Pilot Part 2

Sue Thomas is a deaf woman with the ability to read lips. She moves to Washington, D.C. to begin her new job as an FBI agent, which she didn't find as exciting as she hoped it would be.

S1 : E3

Bombs Away

When Sue becomes an official member of the team, Jack trains her and he's got a perfect case for her: a bomb threat against a former FBI agent.

S1 : E4


While trying to protect an Afghan leader, the team loses their primary assassin. But when they think that all hope is lost, another possible assassin is tracked down and put under surveillance, giving the team interesting results.

S1 : E5

A Snitch In Time

After Jack and Bobby arrest a drug dealer they, along with Sue, interrogate him in order to capture other drug dealers in the trade. Meanwhile, the rest of the team focus on the brand new offices on the fifth floor.

S1 : E6

The Signing

Having been handed a case about an infamous convict, the team tries to get closer to the convict through his partner, who is deaf.

S1 : E7

A Blast from the Past

Dimitrius gets a less pleasant surprise when a man he throws in prison twelve years ago begins to spy on him and his family. Meanwhile, Lucy battles with a doctor who claims that her car dented his own passenger door.

S1 : E8

Silent Night

In the middle of the Christmas season, a mysterious Santa was robbing banks. Bobby tries to present a good image to the press but a determined reporter is eager to attack the FBI. Sue's relationship with her mother ensues when her parents stay over.

S1 : E9


A friend of Lucy's makes the team suspicious when a rumor begins to circulate that the large company that she works for may be going under. After work, the team heads to the football field, hoping to retain control of the infamous trophy.

S1 : E10

Diplomatic Immunity

Bobby protects a woman from an attacker, he's suspended from the FBI when he turns out to be a Sudanese diplomat with immunity from US law enforcements. When the man's connected to a slave trade, Darcy gets into trouble after telling the public the story.

S1 : E11

Dirty Bomb

The team races against time to find a crate of strontium which they believe will be used to make a nuclear bomb. Lucy fears for her family when they are coming to her sister's wedding.

S1 : E12

The Heist

Drivers of two security trucks that were carrying money, go missing while on duty. While the team searches for them, Sue helps Lucy improve her sign language when the two go to a deaf club, where talking is not allowed.

S1 : E13

The Leak

When an unsuccessful raid by the FBI coincides with the disappearance of one of Sue's informants, the team believe that terrorists were the source of the leak. Eventually, it turns out that a Wisconsin politician was behind it.

S1 : E14


The team's favorite waitress seems to be involved in software piracey and has been using Tara's business card in the process. Myles is then being considered a candidate for the new face of the FBI.

S1 : E15

Prodigal Father

Trying to catch a long wanted criminal, the team uses a jail bound con man to capture him. The informant turns out to be Bobby's father, which Bobby unhappy.

S1 : E16

He Said She Said

Sue and Myles are assigned to a special task force to take down a South American drug group. Sue is then blamed for the death of an FBI agent, and the team tries to remove the blame, with some help from Troy and Charlie.

S1 : E17

The Hunter

When it seems as if an innocent man is convicted of being a serial killer many years ago, the FBI starts a new search for evidence of a recent killing that resembles that of the old murderer. Jack stands trial for killing and traumatizing chickens.

S1 : E18

The Fugitive

While Sue reluctantly attends a wedding of an old friend of hers, the team is on a lookout for a prisoner soon to be released, who may be going after his wife that helped put him away.

S1 : E19

Billy the Kid

Lucy's mom announces she's engaged, the team looks into the attempted murder of a judge, who's a friend of Jack's, by a young man, Billy, who's also a friend of Jack's. The episode includes a guest appearance by the real Sue Thomas, in the final minutes.

S1 : E20

The Girl Who Signed Wolf

When a young deaf girl reports a kidnapping, a sympathetic Sue checks out her story – only to discover the girl may not be telling the truth. Meanwhile, the team discovers a terrorist plot involving the deadly poison Ricin, and must race against the clock to discover the terrorists’ target. A novelist chooses Myles as a research subject for her upcoming book, with surprising results – for Myles.

S1 : E21

The Sniper

Sue and the team are thrust into a pressure packed case when they determine seemingly random shootings in D.C. are the work of a serial sniper. While Jack uses his training as an FBI sniper to match wits with the mysterious shooter, Sue finds the case becoming all consuming, forcing her to put her personal life – including a fairy tale date with David – on hold.

S1 : E22

Homeland Security

When Myles’ prized painting is discovered to be a forgery, he zealously tracks down the man responsible. A traffic accident reveals a startling piece of a terrorist plot – but can the team put the puzzle together before operatives complete their mission? And Sue’s encouragement for Troy (Troy Kotsur) to go to art school takes root, but his video for art class reveals shocking news about Charlie.