Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd arrives on assignment in Brokenwood, a small town where memories - and animosities - run deep.

S1 : E3

Playing the Lie

A morning round of golf for several prominent members of the Brokenwood Golf Club is interrupted when one of the club's organisation committee is found dead in a sand bunker, her face covered in blisters.

S1 : E4

Hunting the Stag

A stag party in two senses of the word as three friends, one of whom is about to be married, go deer hunting in the bush, but only two return-the groom-to-be having been shot in the head.

S2 : E1

Leather and Lace

The coach of the rugby team is found dead, strapped to a goal post.

S2 : E2

To Die or Not to Die

A cast member in The Brokenwood Theatre Society's production of Hamlet collapses and dies after a performance. But the smell of poison leads Shepherd to believe that he has not "shuffled off this mortal coil" without help.