Long before the FBI and the Secret Service, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was the most vigilant law enforcement organization in the land.

S1 : E1

Kansas City

After the first train robbery in American history, Allan Pinkerton partners his wayward son Will with the world’s first female detective, Kate Warne. Before they can solve the case, Will and Kate must first learn how to work together.

S1 : E2

Double Shot

When a whiskey magnate is found dead in a brothel, the Pinkertons go head-to-head with Sheriff Logan and learn that the truth is murkier than a barrel of Kentucky bourbon.

S1 : E3

The Play’s The Thing

Will and Kate get more drama than they bargained for when an actor dies during a performance of “Hamlet", and Will is forced to go undercover as a member of a traveling theater troupe.

S1 : E4

The Fourth Man

It’s a trail of murder, mystery and revenge as Kate and Will step into an international case between America and Japan.

S1 : E5

The Hero of Liberty Gap

When a young, idealistic Civil War hero is attacked during a campaign speech, the Pinkertons are pulled into an even dirtier world than they're used to – politics.