S1 : E1

First Call

Constable Toby Banks arrives in Coolum Beach for his first shift as night duty officer. Here, he meets Gregor, an eccentric local who believes a Chicken-Man is responsible for a spate of recent crimes.

S1 : E2


Gregor and Banks investigate a mysterious radio jingle which Gregor believes will be the death of anyone who listens to it.

S1 : E3


After the Coolum Theatre is vandalised, Banks and Gregor are put in charge of catching the culprit. But when spooky things start to happen, Gregor points the finger at the theatre’s ghost.

S1 : E4


After a spate of bird murders, Gregor believes a serial killer cat has returned from the dead to wreak havoc on the town and seek revenge against his oldest foe.

S1 : E5


When a naked backpacker washes up on Coolum Beach, Banks takes an immediate shine to her. But Gregor believes she’s a Mermaid who wants to eat Banks for lunch.

S1 : E6


A spate of tree related crimes lead Banks and Gregor to a local florist. Here they meet Adrian, the crazed owner, who plans to destroy Coolum… by turning everyone into trees