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About the show

Crossing Lines taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to mandate a special crime unit to investigate serialized crimes that cross over borders. Police officers, detectives, and the court hunt down criminals and administer justice. This team of unlikely colleagues travels through exciting European metropolitan locations to fight crime, giving birth to what resembles a "global FBI".

Meet the Cast

Carl Hickman

William Fichtner

Carlton "Carl" Hickman is a former New York Police Department officer and former investigator in the ICC Cross Borders team. He was shot in his right hand on duty and becomes a vagabond in Europe.

Daniel recruits Carl for the ICC Investigation Team for his skills as an investigator and because he believes Carl should be "doing more than picking up trash."

Michel Dorn

Donald Sutherland

Michel Dorn is the Chief Senior Investigator/Prosecutor of the ICC as well as the superior to Louis Daniel for the Cross-Border investigative unit.

Carine Strand

Elizabeth Mitchell

After graduating from the Minneapolis Police Academy, Carine Strand moved to Chicago and worked twice as hard as her male counterparts to rise through the ranks of the Chicago PD. Eventually, she became Deputy Superintendent and her success drew the attention of the ICC. When Dorn recruits her, she holds a prestigious job investigating war crimes. Now she finds herself on the verge of a new adventure: the leadership role of the newly reconstituted Cross Border Unit.

Marco Constante

Goran Visnjic

Marco Constante is Europe's top kidnapping specialist. When Dorn recruits him, he doesn't know that Marco's entire career has been influenced by the need to solve one particular kidnapping, that of his sister's, and ICC's resources could be very useful.

Eva Vittoria

Gabriella Pession

Eva Vittoria is a former officer of the Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza and current officer in Europol. She's a firm enforcer of justice because her parents were murdered in a car bomb. Only after the accident did she find out that her father was an Italian mafioso and drug dealer.

Sebastian Berger

Tom Wlaschiha

Sebastian Berger is an officer in the Berliner Polizei. He is currently the IT specialist at the ICC. Sebastian has a gambling problem, which leads him to accept gifts off the books.

Louis Daniel

Marc Lavoine

Louis Daniel is the the leader of the ICC and a close confidant of Michel Dorn.

Throughout the series, Louis provides moral support and leadership necessary to hold the ICC team together. He and his wife Rebecca struggle in their relationship because she resents him for the death of their son.