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About the show

Set in 1920s Toronto, Frankie Drake Mysteries follows the city’s only female private detectives. Frankie and her trusty sidekick Trudy take on the cases the police don’t want to touch. In a time of change and hopefulness, their gender is their biggest advantage as they defy expectations and rebel against convention.

The Drake Private Detectives work tirelessly on cases that explore every cross-section of Toronto, from gospel church choirs, bathing beauties and the early cinema scene, to the homes and private parties of the city’s elite. Frankie and Trudy’s fearless sense of adventure gets them into all kinds of trouble, but they always manage to find a way out. These amazing ladies are new detectives for a new world--but is the world ready for them?

Meet the Cast

Frankie Drake

Lauren Lee Smith

A smart, savvy and fearless redhead, Frankie Drake is a new detective for a new world. Raised in Toronto by her small-time grifter father, Frankie longed for adventure.

After his death, she found excitement while living abroad in Europe and the Middle East. When WWI broke out, she became a dispatch messenger, riding a motorcycle across war-torn countrysides in order to deliver crucial messages to the front lines. Frankie’s skill and boldness attracted the attention of her commanders who recruited her to work as a spy. Her final mission saw her return to Toronto where her cover was blown.

Unemployed and looking to put her unique expertise set to work, Frankie established Drake Private Detectives, the city’s first all-female detective agency. With her associate Trudy Clarke, Frankie takes on the cases the police can’t crack and more traditional detective agencies aren’t interested in.

Trudy Clarke

Chantel Riley

Trudy Clarke grew up with a lot of duties: helping her mother tend the house, looking after her four younger brothers, and contributing to the family’s income. As first-born to Jamaican immigrant parents, these weren’t responsibilities Trudy took lightly. However, in her heart she knew she hadn’t found her place in the world yet.

Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, a knack for performance and a razor-sharp mind, Trudy knew she could be more than just a housekeeper or a shop girl. As soon as she met Frankie Drake, the level-headed, practical Trudy started using her skills to help solve cases. Trudy’s performance abilities allow her to role-play while undercover. Even if her mother doesn’t completely approve of her detective work, Trudy loves her job, and would do anything for Frankie.