JOURNY Dives Deep with the Series Premiere of One Ocean

Ovation TV, America’s premier arts network, is pleased to announce the April 2023programming for its award-winning travel-entertainment digital channel, JOURNY. Earth Day is April 22nd, but JOURNY is honoring the planet all month-long, with a special focus on the ocean. Through four featured titles, viewers will scuba dive and swim their way to learning more about ocean conservation, maritime endangered species, and remote sea exploration. JOURNY’s “Honor Earth Day, Save the Waves” stunt is streaming all month long, with the series premiere of One Ocean starting Saturday, April 1st. The lineup also includesseries My Pacific Quest and Descending, as well as the documentary Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait.

In the series premiere of One Ocean, it’s time to explore the past, present, and future of the world’s oceans… and the race against the clock to save them. Guiding viewers on this adventure are some of the planet’s most innovative and charismatic marine scientists who are simultaneously learning new things about the past and present of the oceans’ life force, while racing against the clock to determine how to save its future.

Viewers will also enjoy the specially curated lineup of the following titles:

My Pacific Quest: Kiwi adventurer Ellis Emmett embarks across the the Pacific Ocean in search of some of the most remote places on our planet. Ellis must harness the power of the wind to reach isolated islands and atolls only accessible by sailboat. Welcomed by the people who call these shores home, he immerses himself in the fascinating cultures of Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Wallis & Futuna, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati. Even though they are mere dots on the map, the explorer discovers that these islands hold key stories regarding climate change and rising sea levels, the ongoing effects of WWII and its nuclear aftermath, the loss of centuries-old traditions, human ingenuity, and of the near universal desire to know what’s over the horizon.

Descending: Divers and hosts Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett descend beneath the surface to explore the part of the planet that is covered in water. Each episode, discover a new location! Beyond the depths of the sea, they learn about the cultures of the local people, share stories of human triumph and tragedy, as well as connect the world on land to the one in the sea. With each trip into the unknown, they come face to face with creatures and sights that most will never get to experience.

Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait: This documentary follows iconic chef Gordon Ramsay as he takes a closer look at one of the most feared creatures on earth: the shark!Gordon explores the history, culture and controversy surrounding the shark fishing industry. Each year, nearly 100 million sharks worldwide are killed for use of their fins, driving a third of the world’s shark species towards extinction. Gordon also goes diving in an attempt to gain a full understanding of this majestic animal.

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