Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant on Publishing Books by Artists

August 02, 2018

What can a book be? 📕 Famous artists have experimented with this question, finding creative ways to interpret the object. A book commonly has four corners, plus pages bound with a front and back cover. There’s a lot one can dream up with these parameters. So when visual artist Alexandra Grant set out to make her “secret book project” (“The Artists’ Prison” was a secret at the time!), she and actor Keanu Reeves discovered a need for a medium for artists to be able to publish these unique books. That’s when they founded X Artists’ Books, a publisher of artists’ books.



Artists’ books are works of art in book form. They might surprise you: their pages are not filled with strings of words that follow straight lines. And sometimes you have to open boxes to find them, fold and unfold their parts, and rearrange their contents.


Ovation salutes Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant for advancing this unconventional form of art! We are proud to partner with them in Stand For The Arts, our advocacy platform to raise awareness about the positive impact of the arts.


In Los Angeles? Catch other independent publishers of artists’ books at the Getty Museum’s Friday Flights event, coming soon on Aug. 17! 👋