King Louis XIV’s Versailles Coming to New York

March 20, 2018

Versailles Family, need something to hold you over until Season 3? New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art will play host to the “Visitors to Versailles (1682–1789)” exhibit.

The unique experience will provide an in-depth look at the paintings, furniture, carpets, costumes, sculptures and armor King Louis XIV’s guests encountered. The Sun King drew visitors to his lavish court from all over the world, from Europe, America, Africa, to Asia. The Met exhibition includes objects that give us a sense of the gifts travelers brought to Versailles and the souvenirs they took home with them.

The exhibit opens on April 16th and ends on July 29th. For ticket info, go to:

Photo: Court suit, 1774–93, French, silk. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1932, 32.40a–c.