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About the show

John Luther (Idris Elba) is the Detective Chief Inspector of the UK’s Serious Crime Unit. His work is his life and he often goes above and beyond normal police work, resorting to violence and impulse to solve a case.

Luther focuses so much on his murder cases that they torment him. In the first season, he develops a mysterious relationship with the brilliant psychopath Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson).

The Serious Crime Unit team includes Rose Teller, Dermot Crowley, and Justin Ripley, all of whom back Luther up and his unconventional practices.

Meet the Cast

John Luther

Idris Elba

John Luther is Detective Chief Inspector of the Serious Crime Unit. His intelligence and physical prowess make him an asset in the field, but will it cost him too much personally? Can he keep his relationship with brilliant psychopath Alice Morgan purely professional?

Alice Morgan

Ruth Wilson

Alice Morgan was a child prodigy who gives off the attitude of an innocent victim as the people around her are murdered. However, Luther becomes convinced that she is the killer. Is Alice innocent or a brilliant murder mastermind?

Justin Ripley

Warren Brown

Justin Ripley is new to the detective force and idolizes John Luther. He is young, eager, and ready to learn on the job. Justin and Luther eventually form a bond and Justin becomes his protégé.

Dermot Crowley

Martin Schenk

Martin recruits Luther to be part of the Serious Crime Unit. As Luther’s boss, he reigns in Luther while still giving him the liberty to solve crimes in his specific way.

Benny Silver

Michael Smiley

Benny is an extraordinary hacker. He’s more comfortable with computers and technology than social interactions. Like Luther, he’s willing to go above and beyond the job in order to solve to a case.