Starring George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Anna Brewster and Elisa Lasowski, Versailles Returns with Dark Dealings in the Court of Louis XIV

Los Angeles, CA – August 18, 2017 Louis XIV and his raucous court are back on Ovation TV this fall as Season Two of Versailles premieres Saturday, September 30 at 10pm ET. After a hugely successful first season, which earned the network its highest ratings ever, Versailles returns to Ovation with a darker and even more addicting second season.

Starring George Blagden as Louis XIV, Alexander Vlahos as Philippe, Elisa Lasowski as Marie-Thérèse, and Anna Brewster as Madame de Montespan, the second season depicts the dark underbelly of power as Louis sees the dream of his grand Versailles palace crumbling before his eyes. Drugs, gambling, and alcohol are rampant, as nobles begin to poison each other to get closer to the King and climb up the social ladder. Blinded by his passion for his mistress Montespan, Louis refuses to listen to the advice of the church and his closest advisors. Surrounded by darkness and depravity, he loses his sense of purpose and, in a desperate attempt to escape, leaves for war against his arch enemy William of Orange (George Webster). Evan Williams, Tygh Runyan, Maddison Jaizani, Stuart Bowman and Lizzie Brocheré also return for the second season.

New this season is Emmy Award-winning actress Greta Scacchi (Rasputin, Broken Trail) in the role of Madeleine de Foix. Also joining the cast is Harry Hadden-Paton (The Crown, Downton Abbey), Suzanne Clément (Mommy, Laurence Anyways), Catherine Walker (Critical, The Clinic), Mark Rendall (Transporter: The Series, Hannibal) and Jessica Clark (Doctors).

Below, please find descriptions for all ten season-two episodes:

Episode 201 – “The Labyrinth” – Saturday, September 30 at 10pm ET
Madame de Montespan (Anna Brewster) exercises her influence at every opportunity.

Episode 202 – “A Still Small Voice” – Saturday, October 7 at 10pm ET
Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) must meet his new bride, while another victim of poisoning confounds Marchal (Tygh Runyan).

Episode 203 – “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” – Saturday, October 14 at 10pm ET
A cool welcome awaits Princess Palatine (Jessica Clark) in the palace salons, as well as in her new husband’s bed.

Episode 204 – “Miasma” – Saturday, October 21 at 10pm ET
Preparations are made for war, while battles of the sexes are waged within the palace.

Episode 205 – “War and Peace” – Saturday, October 28 at 10pm ET
Sophie (Maddison Jaizani) seeks a solution to her miserable marriage.

Episode 206 – “The Sands of Time” – Saturday, November 4 at 10pm ET
Debauchery is banned when Marie-Thérèse (Elisa Lasowski) takes charge while Louis (George Blagden) is away at war.

Episode 207 – “A Night” – Saturday, November 11 at 10pm ET
Queen Marie-Thérèse (Elisa Lasowski) appeals to mourning Marchal (Tygh Runyan) to return.

Episode 208 – “Le nouveau régime” – Saturday, November 18 at 10pm ET
Madame de Montespan (Anna Brewster) is determined to make a memorable impression on Louis (George Blagden).

Episode 209 – “Seven Shadows” – Saturday, November 25 at 10pm ET
As Louis (George Blagden) starts to doubt his divinity, devilish behavior tempts some courtiers.

Episode 210 – “Of Blood and Stone” – Saturday, December 2 at 10pm ET
Louis (George Blagden) and Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) each face a foe in the bedroom, but the traitors strike back.

A Canal+ Creation Originale, the series is co-produced by Capa Drama, Zodiak Fiction and Incendo. All episodes will be available on SVOD the day after airing.

For more information, visit ovationtv.com/thehalcyon

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