Passport to Journy: Let There Be Neon with Kyle Supley

June 15, 2018

This week’s Passport to Journy is an edition all about showbiz–you’ll see celeb cameos from Oscar-winner Jared Leto and American icon Patti LaBelle. You’ll also hear about Hollywood’s connection to the wonderful world of neon in a visit to neon sign maker Let There Be Neon in NYC. At their storefront and studio, a medley of neon signs adorns walls and desks. These signs were commissioned for record stores, concession stands, diners and repair shops. But what might surprise you are original creations for artists and film shoots.

For more Let There Be Neon, make sure to catch Kyle on Passport to Journy, Episode 4, which premieres June 16, 9AM ET/6AM PT, on Ovation.

–Your Travel Gurus at Journy


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