Art Breakers: Commission Control

Fine art advisors Carol Lee Brosseau and Miller Gaffney are hired by TV star Mario Lopez to commission a piece of art inspired by Mario’s new brand of tequila.
  • Art Breakers S01 E01 - Commission Control

    Fine art advisors Carol Lee Brosseau and Miller Gaffney are hired by TV star Mario Lopez to commission a piece of art inspired by Mario’s new brand of tequila.

  • Art Breakers S01 E02 - Vegas Vibes

    A wealthy and eccentric Las Vegas couple calls in Carol Lee and Miller to help replace the bad art that came with their lavish new home.

  • Art Breakers S01 E03 - Art From the Outback

    The millionaire owner of a juicing empire hires Carol Lee and Miller to fill the walls of his New York City office – including a very specific request for the restroom.

  • Art Breakers S01 E04 - No Budget Required

    Miller hunts for art for a hard-to-please New York City socialite while Carol Lee tries to bring in big money at the country’s top art show for photography.

  • Art and the City S01 E02 - Paris

    An Ovation TV Original Series - Host David Keeps uncovers discoveries of arts and design in highly regarded attractions as well as uncovered corners throughout the US and Europe. In this episode, David explores the scene in Paris.

  • Art and the City S01 E03 - New York

    An Ovation TV Original Series - Host David Keeps uncovers discoveries of arts and design in highly regarded attractions as well as uncovered corners throughout the US and Europe. In this episode, David explores New York City.

  • Art and the City S01 E04 - New Orleans

    An Ovation TV Original Series - Host David Keeps uncovers discoveries of arts and design in highly regarded attractions as well as uncovered corners throughout the US and Europe. In this episode, David explores the scene in New Orleans.

  • Art and the City S01 E05 - London

    An Ovation TV Original Series - Host David Keeps uncovers discoveries of arts and design in highly regarded attractions as well as uncovered corners throughout the US and Europe. In this episode, David explores the scene in New Orleans.

  • Art and the City S01 E06 - Los Angeles

    An Ovation TV Original Series - Host David Keeps uncovers discoveries of arts and design in highly regarded attractions as well as uncovered corners throughout the US and Europe. In this episode, David explores the scene in Los Angeles.

  • Art or Not

    An Ovation TV original special that asks artists, art lovers, and casual observers to experience a broad range of visual artwork and determine if it is indeed art or not.

  • Arts Across the Heartland

    In Ovation’s new original one hour special “Arts Across The Heartland”, we travel state to state to shine a light on the places and people who are elevating and enriching lives through the power of art. These are real stories about real people who are making a difference and showing the positive impact that art has on their communities.

  • Banksy: Street Rat

    Banksy changed the modern art world. His identity has been hidden; keeping this secret was key to avoiding criminal charges. Banksy is one of the best-known artists of the 21st Century, yet, does anybody know who he really is?

  • Camille and Julie Berthollet

    For this exceptional recital at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Camille and Julie Berthollet are accompanied by the pianist Guillaume Vincent and the Ensemble Appassionato, directedby Mathieu Herzog.

  • Cheech Marin's Chicano Art Tour

    Ovation is celebrating actor and comedian Cheech Marin’s incredible collection of Chicano art, available to view at the Cheech Center for Art & Culture in Riverside, California. Cheech and notable Chicano and Chicana artists explore the roots, evolution and innovation of this uniquely American art form as it establishes a stunning and permanent new home in California.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E01

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to Philadelphia, where he creates a three-dimensional anamorphic chalk drawing in tribute to the patriotic American Eagle.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E02

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to London where he dazzles onlookers with a chalk drawing of Big Ben that will traverse not only the sidewalk, but also an adjacent wall.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E03

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to Stockholm, Sweden, where he finds the perfect public square for his next creation, a three-dimensional river scene.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E04

    Street artist Julian Beever sets out to create a 3-D chalk-drawn scene of pedestrians exiting a subway, as an homage to New York life.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E05

    As tribute to Berlins breweries, street artist Julian Beevers latest chalk drawing depicts two happy Germans with a giant mug of the finest German beer money can buy.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E06

    In Amsterdam, street artist Julian Beever creates his tribute Dutch living by depicting a table covered with a cornucopia of wine, fruit, cheese, and flowers.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E07

    Street artist Julian Beever heads to San Francisco, a cultural mecca, where he sets out to create a three-dimensional chalk drawing depicting the great quake of 1906.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E08

    What better way for artist Julian Beever to represent Paris than with a three dimensional depiction of its most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E09

    Street artist Julian Beever heads to Mexico to create an anamorphic chalk drawing in the middle of El Zocalo, the largest square in Mexico City.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E10

    The Redondo Beach pier has ample room for street artist Julian Beevers latest creation - a testament to the LA lifestyle that depicts a blonde relaxing in a pool.

  • Coppélia

    A sparkling tale of magic and mischief, Coppéliahas everything a good story ballet should: enchantment, romance and sumptuous costumes. Performed by The Australian Ballet. Music performed by Opera Australia Orchestra.

  • Everything is Art

    This Ovation TV Original Special explores some of the most interesting designers at work today covering furniture

  • Forbes' SOLD!

    Money, history and art are on the line when Ovation TV explores what goes on in the worlds biggest auction houses like Sothebys, Christies and Phillips de Pury as well as the smaller houses like LA Modern.

  • Ford’s Theatre: America’s Playhouse

    In this original documentary special, Ovation will celebrate the history of the Ford’s Theatre as one of the nation’s most iconic cultural institutions.

  • Graeme Murphy's Romeo & Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the greatest love story ever told, told by one of Australia’s greatest storytellers. Traversing time and place, the ballet follows ‘a feisty girl and a feisty boy who are willing to take a stand for their love.’

  • Jackson Pollock

    A biography of the Abstract Expressionist painter.

  • Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven

    This Ovation TV original special highlights the work of American artist Jeff Koons. Includes interviews, a look at his work through the years, an exclusive tour of his studio, and notes his most recent museum installation in Chicago, Illinois.

  • La Bohème

    La Bohème is one of the most frequently performed and most loved operas ever since its premiere in Turin, in 1896. Valeria Sepe stars as the tragic Mimì and Kang Wang is her jealous lover, the poet, Rodolfo. Julie Lea Goodwin and Samuel Dundas are the on-again, off-again lovers Musetta and Marcello. With over 100 performers on stage for the crowd scenes, conductor Tahu Matheson is at the helm of a spectacular production.

  • Madama Butterfly: Opera on Sydney Harbour

    Pinkerton arrives in Japan and inspects a house overlooking the harbour that he is leasing from the marriage broker, Goro. Goro finds him a Japanese bride, CioCioSan. It’s clearly a financial transaction, but on their wedding night their eyes meet & magic happens. Butterfly considers herself married forever, but Pinkerton doesn’t. Pinkerton returns to the US and finds an American wife, while Butterfly waits his return. Years later he returns and is surprised to find Butterfly has borne him a son

  • Shakespeare - The Legacy

    This programme celebrates the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on April 23rd 2016. n collaboration with Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, we unlock some of the mysteries surrounding Shakespeare’s life and the legacy of his work across the globe.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E01

    Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri visit Brighton Museum to investigate who painted two neglected pictures of religious subjects.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E02

    Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri travel to the grand Georgian mansion of Tatton Park in Cheshire, where Bendor has spotted a mysterious portrait of a 16th-century physician in its collection.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E03

    In a fifth series of Art Detectives, Dr Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri return to scour Britain’s regional museums and nationally owned houses in a hunt for more lost and hidden public treasures, uncovering the forgotten but fascinating stories behind our public collections.

  • The Australian Ballet: The Merry Widow

    Step into the ballrooms of Fin de siècle Paris, and delight in Robert Helpmann and Ronald Hynd’s light-hearted production of The Merry Widow – filled with tangled affairs, narrow misses and jealous lovers.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E01

    Nadia Brown delves into the Billion dollar business of the arts and the massive impact of the creative sector on the economy. Plus how the artistic ecosystem is responsible for the success of so many ancillary businesses and a chat with Dr. Michael Seman.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E02

    Nadia Brown talks about the devastating impact Covid 19 had on the creative economy. Nadia connects with arts workers around the country as they discuss their personal experiences of unemployment and lack of government aid.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E03

    How did the arts become partisan? And why are certain types of art censored or politicized? Host Nadia Brown asks these questions with a historical deep dive to find out why political funding for the arts is still considered controversial.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E04

    How do we define and preserve our American Culture? This episode delves into the importance of a Secretary of Arts and Culture and ponders why the US has never appointed one.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E05

    Nadia Brown discovers many real-world ways creative solutions help, heal and raise up individuals and communities. Recent government initiatives designed to assist the creative sector are also explored.

  • The Met: 20 Years & The Art of Fashion

    An in-depth look at the history of the Met Gala, fashion’s annual fundraising ball on behalf of the Met’s Arts Costume Institute. Based on 20 years of historical coverage, from 1995 to 2015

  • The Met: Fashion in an Age of Technology

    Electrifying recap of this year’s big event. Red carpet interviews, review of the exhibit, celebrity fashion critiques, and more. Co-chairs: Idris Elba, Jonathan Ive, Taylor Swift, and Anna Wintour.

  • The Method S01 E01 - Kuma Films

    In this episode of The Method, we go inside the world of filmmakers Todd and Joe Robins.

  • The Method S01 E02 - Creative Kids

    In this episode of The Method, we look at the inspiring and artistic world of creative kids.

  • The Method S01 E03 - Hanksy: Surplus Candy

    Well-known street artist Hanksy, invites some of the biggest street artists from around the world to take over an abandoned mansion in in Los Angeles and Ovation was there to capture every brushstroke.

  • The Method S01 E04 - London: Art in the Streets

    What goes into creating an exciting street performance? In this episode of “The Method,” we aim to find out. Ride along in a new Jaguar XE and experience some of London’s most innovative street artists performing in British cultural landmarks

  • The Method S02 E01 - Breathtaking Views: Alfa Romeo

    Inspired by a brand new Alfa Romeo, landscape photographer Paul Seibert takes a road trip around beautiful northern California to seek out nature's most breathtaking views. His adventurous spirit and unstoppable desire to get the perfect shot mean Paul will go to great lengths to create stunning images of the natural world.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E01

    Six Santa Fe artists talk about their art practice ranging from sculpture, jewelry making, and painting, and we talk with Ricardo Cate, the only cartoonist in the United States creating a daily cartoon for a newspaper about Native American perspective

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E02

    The film crew has been granted special access to artists of the Native American tribe of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Discover the unique cultural traditions of five artists, exploring their unique art practice of dance, drumming, culinary arts, or basketry.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E03

    With strong influences from Mexico and Native American traditions, Phoenix, Arizona, has a very diverse arts scene representing all artistic practices and diverse points of view. A sculptor, a muralist, a tattoo artist, a mask maker, and a music band share their diverse art practices.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E04

    Great Falls, Montana, has artistic traditions rooted in Western culture as well as Native American culture. Sculptors and painters from the Western arts tradition are featured, as well as a Native American beadworker.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E05

    Yolo County, California, is a place where food is also an art form. This episode features a sculptor, a painter, and a master wooler, as well as a chef and a spirits distiller, taking their crafts to the highest form of art.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E06

    Everett, Washington, is a town close to Seattle, but with its distinct flavor and spirit. Many artists here explore different art practices ranging from glass blowing, painting, theater, and music to boat making.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E07

    Sheridan, Wyoming, is a city with deep cultural roots in the Western culture and arts traditions. This episode features a metalsmith, theatre artistic director, leatherwork artist, and several artists from the Western art tradition.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E08

    Yountville, California, is a city with a strong tradition of hospitality, brilliant food scene, and genuine appreciation for the arts. Culinary artists and winemakers are represented highlighting the fact that food and wine belong to the arts.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E09

    Casper, Wyoming, is a city with a fusion of both Western and Native American cultural traditions, a very American city. Artists from very diverse backgrounds and art practices are featured in this episode: ceramists, quilters, painters, and beadworkers.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E10

    Seattle, Washington, has a very diverse art scene due to its inherent multicultural history as a major port. This episode features sculptors, woodcarvers, songwriters, painters, and performance artists.

  • The Young Leaders – One Young World Stories

    Through the artistic medium of documentary filmmaking and storytelling, Ovation TV, a longtime supporter of art and activism, presents the story of six young leaders from diverse backgrounds who are creating a better future through One Young World, the organization that has given them the global platform to accelerate their social impact.

  • Touching the Art S01 E01

    Is art for everyone? Do women still have to be naked to get into the Met? Do rappers, actresses and Shia LaBeouf make better art? In the pilot episode of Ovation's new web talk show, host Casey Jane Ellison and her panelists tackle the pressing issues facing contemporary art.

  • Touching the Art S01 E02

    Is art evil? Is the internet dead? Why is everything so PoMo? In the second episode of Ovation's new web talk show, host Casey Jane Ellison and her panelists tackle the pressing issues facing contemporary art.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E01

    This program discusses how art is a fundamental need within us from birth without conditioning. One that exists for all of us. Not only does art give us the joy of making but also the pleasure of bonding, sharing and making sense of the world.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E02

    Discover how our modern world was actually shaped centuries ago through new ideas and new artistic approaches. We'll learn a new history of Modern art as artists attempt to reach the unseen through their work.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E03

    Discover how art was used in the USA and the former USSR after WWII as a way to express opposing political choices and ideologies and as a means of exporting freedom around the World. There was a strong relationship between the arts and the Cold War.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E04

    Discover what contemporary art is made of. We define the dispositive surrounding contemporary works that sometimes challenge the viewer by bringing public activism and politics.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E05

    Meet artists and see how much they care about the seriousness of their practice, whether they paint, carve or create digital works. When they generally don't want to belong to a movement or have a label put on their work, they all value the collective.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E06

    In this program we try to define the complex relationship between art and money and realize the importance of being critical in a world where everything and everyone seems to have a price.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E07

    We define the role of museums and see how easily they could become a simple tourists attraction, then realize that museums could likely be relegated to the outdated scrapheap of history, as more and more people assume it's not for us, or it's obsolete.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E08

    We question the subject of beauty and transcendence in art. We realize that art has this magical power to slow us down whether we're artists or simple observers. Art is our best way of knowing who we are and what we have yet to become.

  • Young Marvels S01 E01 - Wow Factor

    Blind musician Matthew defies expectations at 13; 8-year-old Lev dreams of ruling the ballroom dance floor

  • Young Marvels S01 E02 - Practice Makes Perfect

    (2014) Cellist Charlie thrives at Juilliard but his parents worry about scheduling enough time for him to be a kid. Duncan grapples with leaving his dad in Vermont to pursue a ballet career in New York, with mom at his side. Polyglot Mabou confronts her perfectionist mother and Matthew yawns through his braille music lesson as his parents struggle to prepare him for life as a blind adult.

  • Young Marvels S01 E03 - Under Pressure

    (2014) Sophia contemplates homeschooling in order to spend more time training with LA’s hottest choreographers. Clark sacrifices any free time with friends to pursue a promising career in opera. Duncan escapes the teasing he faced at home as a boy ballet dancer while at his performing arts school in New York.

  • Young Marvels S01 E04 - Family Ties

    (214) Mae Ya smiles through her mother’s demands for perfection as she prepares for a major performance. Lev is lucky to have a best friend in his dance partner, Natalina, but misses his dad who spends half the year in Russia. Duncan’s weekend home in Vermont brings up painful questions about when his family can all be together again.

  • Young Marvels S01 E05 - Revenge of the Nerves

    (2014) With his dad as roadie, Matthew sets off for his first big show since opening for Stevie Wonder at the Apollo Theater. Sophia searches for the confidence she needs to wow the judges at a major dance convention. Charlie nervously steps on stage for his recital at Juilliard.

  • Young Marvels S01 E06 - Balancing Act

    (2014) Mae Ya puts practice aside to enjoy a rare night with friends while questions are raised about Clark’s health and his future as an opera singer. Matthew’s parents encourage his independence, even if it means watching him struggle. Lev is excited to perform at the USA Dance show but wishes his dad could be there to see him.

  • Young Marvels S01 E07 - Permission Slip

    (2014) Mae Ya races to make last minute changes to a song after her mother criticizes her performance. Duncan worries about impressing his father at his biggest recital of the year. Sophia hopes a meeting with an online school counselor will finally convince her mom that homeschooling is the right choice to ensure her career as a dancer.

  • Young Marvels S01 E08 - Paying A Price

    (2014) Clark sees a throat specialist to check on the health of his vocal chords and gets some surprising news. The overwhelming cost of Mabou’s education puts her parents at odds. Matthew is surprised by a visit from his best friend and biggest champion – his sister.

  • Young Marvels S01 E09 - Dress Rehearsal

    (2014) Lev gets a surprise lesson from Dancing With The Stars pro, Cheryl Burke. Charlie practices for his final exam performance at Juilliard under the critical eye of his father. Duncan reunites with his sister in Vermont as the family must decide whether or not to sell their home in support of Duncan’s new life in New York. Troubled by the gun violence in her neighborhood, Mae Ya writes an emotional song to perform at Chicago’s historic St. Sabina church.

  • Young Marvels S01 E10 - The Final Bow

    (2014) Lev must say goodbye to his father while Mabou’s mother meets with an Ivy League admissions counselor who challenges her beliefs about what’s best for Mabou’s education. Charlie anxiously awaits the results of his Juilliard exams and Sophia auditions for a spot with one of the industry’s leading choreographers. Matthew is surprised by a career-changing opportunity and Mae Ya finds herself inches from the big break she’s been waiting for.

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