Behind the Episode: 407

Sharron Matthews ("Flo") talks about the thrill and honor of co-writing one of her favorite episodes this season.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

Season 4
Season 4
  • Behind the Episode: Music At Midnight

    Go behind the scenes of this musical special, where the Toronto Symphony Orchestra teams with Frankie Drake Mysteries to bring the celebrated theme music of the series to life.

  • Behind the Episode: 401

    Our gals are on a spirited scavenger hunt! The cast shares about the joy of returning to production for the show, and where their respective characters are headed this season.

  • Behind the Episode: 402

    The team has to be discreet so as to avoid an international incident when a Prince is kidnapped! And Lauren Lee Smith talks about one of the coolest fight sequences she's ever shot.

  • Behind the Episode: 403

    The gals investigate a trio of flappers as they search for a stolen priceless bottle of wine. To help solve the case, "Mary" befriends the flappers and gets to wear her poshest wardrobe yet!

  • Behind the Episode: 404

    Fierce competition and sexism stymie the gal’s murder investigation at a female fencing trial. The cast reflects on how women belong in sports just as much as men.

  • Behind the Episode: 405

    Ghosts! After being visited by a ghost at DPD, Nora convinces Frankie and Trudy to search for a murdered woman. Lauren Lee Smith and Chantel Riley admit they believe in ghosts!

  • Behind the Episode: 406

    "Mary" gets candid about her new love interest, "Steven." While they share many of the same interests, she worries that he may be using her for his own career ambitions. But it's looking like true love.

  • Behind the Episode: 407

    Sharron Matthews ("Flo") talks about the thrill and honor of co-writing one of her favorite episodes this season.

  • Behind the Episode: 408

    Chantel Riley ("Trudy") discusses the importance of portraying social justice issues and equality in the series.

  • Behind the Episode: 409

    Rebecca Liddiard ("Mary") talks about the opportunity to co-write this fun episode that revolves around … a pandemic!

  • Behind the Episode: 410

    "Frankie" talks about the shock of discovering that her father is still alive, and needs her help.

  • Frankie's Love Triangle

    "Frankie" dishes on her romantic interests this season, and she's a little torn.

  • The Fashion of Season 4

    Experience the spectacular fashion of Frankie Drake Mysteries. The cast shares how their costume design empowers their characters and the overall flavor of the show.

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