One World: Episode 106

  • Annenberg: America's Library

    AMERICA'S LIBRARY features interviews with photographers, historians, authors, political figures, and civil rights leaders, along with inside access to the Library of Congress. It explores the history of photography—from daguerreotypes, the first photographic process, to contemporary digital prints.

  • Annenberg: Beauty Culture

    Beauty CULTure provides a seminal examination of photography’s role in capturing and defining notions of modern female beauty and how these images profoundly influence our lives in both celebratory and disturbing ways.

  • Annenberg: Country: Portraits Of An American Sound

    COUNTRY: PORTRAITS OF AN AMERICAN SOUND explores the image of country music and its evolution over 80 years, highlighting photography’s role in documenting the history and capturing the culture of this uniquely American sound.

  • Annenberg: Cuba Is

    Revealing complexities both on and off the island, 'CUBA IS' explores aspects of Cuba not easily accessed by foreigners, and sometimes not even by Cubans themselves.

  • Annenberg: Digital Darkroom

    DIGITAL DARKROOM features the work of artists from around the world who explore the intersection of art and technology.

  • Annenberg: Emerging

    EMERGING profiles ten emerging photographers from around the world who bring a fresh perspective and creative techniques to professional photography.

  • Annenberg: Extreme Exposure

    EXTREME EXPOSURE celebrates five photographers who brave dangerous conditions to capture rarely seen moments in environments few dare to explore.

  • Annenberg: Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE

    A journey through time via the remarkable images and story of Lanting’s The LIFE Project, while recounting Lanting’s own evolution from wildlife photographer to visual chronicler of life on Earth.

  • Annenberg: L8s Ang3les

    L8S ANG3LES celebrates the breadth of contemporary photography through works by eight renowned photographers whose images capture the complexity and vitality of Los Angeles.

  • Annenberg: No Strangers

    NO STRANGERS: ANCIENT WISDOM IN A MODERN WORLD explores the ways cultures express a shared humanity and navigate the circle of life. It celebrates the wonder of culture and examines the plight of indigenous people throughout the world.

  • Annenberg: POYi 66: The Power of Photojournalism

    POYi 66: This documentary honored the work of winning photojournalists and visual editors from Pictures of the Year International (POYi) 2009, the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism competition in the world. The exhibited print and digital photographs told the tale of 2008, a year rife with war and financial ruin and relieved by unprecedented political and athletic triumphs. The film highlights a selection from more than 45,000 entries.

  • Annenberg: POYi 67: The Photojournalist

    POYi 67: Based on the 2010 Pictures of the Year International (POYi), this film focuses on the very best documentary photography of 2009 from winning photojournalists and visual editors in Pictures of the Year International (POYi), the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism competition in the world. It is a testament to the power of photography and its impact on humanity. These images combined to create a visual representation of the challenges of modern civilization.

  • Annenberg: Refugee

    Five acclaimed photographers travel the world to accurately record the difficulties faced by refugees who dream of a better life.

  • Annenberg: Sink or Swim: Designing For A Sea Change

    SINK OR SWIM: DESIGNING FOR A SEA CHANGE explores the human story of resilience, from adaptation for survival to ambitious infrastructure planning, in some of the richest and poorest of the world’s coastal communities. The film explore how humans respond to changes in their landscapes due to sea level rise.

  • Annenberg: Sport: Iooss & Leifer

    SPORT examines the work of renowed photographers Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer, who captured the lives of our greatest sports heroes.

  • Annenberg: The WAR Photographers

    WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY presents images from both the military and civilian point of view including the advent of war, the fight itself and remembrance. It portrays the work of award-winning portrait photographers, photojournalists and military photographers.

  • Annenberg: WALLS: Defend, Divide and the Divine

    Complex, challenging, and immersive, W|ALLS: Defend, Divide, and the Divine is a historical look at civilization’s relationship with barriers, both real and imagined. For centuries, across diverse civilizations, walls have been central to human history. This film explores the various aspects of walls – artistic, social, political, and historical.

  • Annenberg: Water: Our Thirsty World

    WATER: OUR THIRSTY WORLD features the work of award-winning National Geographic photographers and examines the local and global challenges of our planet’s precious fresh water resources.

  • Go Jump the Fence

    Time is the enemy in this documentary adventure in no-budget filmmaking. Trek to Brazil with Britt Harris and Molly Elizabeth Parker for the making of Ale Paschoalini’s next feature film Raízes. Will artistry prevail as the crew grapples with the elements in this surprisingly funny, high-pressure, race against the clock?

  • The Ascent of Woman: a 10,000 Year Story S01 E01

    Dr. Amanda Foreman travels to a range of countries including Turkey, Siberia, and Greece, as she explores the history of women from the earliest urban settlements to the sprawling empires of the classical world.

  • The Ascent of Woman: a 10,000 Year Story S01 E02

    Dr Amanda Foreman explores the rise of ‘separate spheres’ among early Confucian and Buddhist societies, as well the origins of the cosmic ordering of the female Yin and male Yang.

  • The Ascent of Woman: a 10,000 Year Story S01 E03

    Dr. Amanda Foreman travels to Istanbul, Germany, London, Paris and Delhi to explore the ways in which women created their own routes to power, often subverting to their advantage the very restrictions placed on them.

  • The Ascent of Woman: a 10,000 Year Story S01 E04

    Dr. Amanda Foreman travels from east to west, including Russia, Britain, France and the United States, as she asks whether any of the modern revolutions actually delivered on their promises to women.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E01

    Six Santa Fe artists talk about their art practice ranging from sculpture, jewelry making, and painting, and we talk with Ricardo Cate, the only cartoonist in the United States creating a daily cartoon for a newspaper about Native American perspective

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E02

    The film crew has been granted special access to artists of the Native American tribe of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Discover the unique cultural traditions of five artists, exploring their unique art practice of dance, drumming, culinary arts, or basketry.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E03

    With strong influences from Mexico and Native American traditions, Phoenix, Arizona, has a very diverse arts scene representing all artistic practices and diverse points of view. A sculptor, a muralist, a tattoo artist, a mask maker, and a music band share their diverse art practices.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E04

    Great Falls, Montana, has artistic traditions rooted in Western culture as well as Native American culture. Sculptors and painters from the Western arts tradition are featured, as well as a Native American beadworker.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E05

    Yolo County, California, is a place where food is also an art form. This episode features a sculptor, a painter, and a master wooler, as well as a chef and a spirits distiller, taking their crafts to the highest form of art.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E06

    Everett, Washington, is a town close to Seattle, but with its distinct flavor and spirit. Many artists here explore different art practices ranging from glass blowing, painting, theater, and music to boat making.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E07

    Sheridan, Wyoming, is a city with deep cultural roots in the Western culture and arts traditions. This episode features a metalsmith, theatre artistic director, leatherwork artist, and several artists from the Western art tradition.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E08

    Yountville, California, is a city with a strong tradition of hospitality, brilliant food scene, and genuine appreciation for the arts. Culinary artists and winemakers are represented highlighting the fact that food and wine belong to the arts.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E09

    Casper, Wyoming, is a city with a fusion of both Western and Native American cultural traditions, a very American city. Artists from very diverse backgrounds and art practices are featured in this episode: ceramists, quilters, painters, and beadworkers.

  • The Story Of Art In America S01 E10

    Seattle, Washington, has a very diverse art scene due to its inherent multicultural history as a major port. This episode features sculptors, woodcarvers, songwriters, painters, and performance artists.

  • The Story Of Women & Art S01 E01

    Professor Amanda Vickery journeys from Renaissance Italy to the Dutch Republic and discover the world of female artistry. By digging in storerooms, convents and basements she will rescue female artist and tell their stories of courage and creativity.

  • The Story Of Women & Art S01 E02

    Professor Amanda Vickery’s journey to uncover the story of female creativity reaches the 18th century and the focus turns to the industrial powerhouse that is Britain and the glittering French Court of Marie Antoinette

  • The Story Of Women & Art S01 E03

    Professor Amanda Vickery explores the explosion of creative opportunities for women as the 20th century dawned. Travelling from London and Paris to the remote Swedish Countryside and the bleak desert landscape on New Mexico.

  • Touching the Art S01 E01

    Is art for everyone? Do women still have to be naked to get into the Met? Do rappers, actresses and Shia LaBeouf make better art? In the pilot episode of Ovation's new web talk show, host Casey Jane Ellison and her panelists tackle the pressing issues facing contemporary art.

  • Touching the Art S01 E02

    Is art evil? Is the internet dead? Why is everything so PoMo? In the second episode of Ovation's new web talk show, host Casey Jane Ellison and her panelists tackle the pressing issues facing contemporary art.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E01

    This program discusses how art is a fundamental need within us from birth without conditioning. One that exists for all of us. Not only does art give us the joy of making but also the pleasure of bonding, sharing and making sense of the world.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E02

    Discover how our modern world was actually shaped centuries ago through new ideas and new artistic approaches. We'll learn a new history of Modern art as artists attempt to reach the unseen through their work.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E03

    Discover how art was used in the USA and the former USSR after WWII as a way to express opposing political choices and ideologies and as a means of exporting freedom around the World. There was a strong relationship between the arts and the Cold War.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E04

    Discover what contemporary art is made of. We define the dispositive surrounding contemporary works that sometimes challenge the viewer by bringing public activism and politics.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E05

    Meet artists and see how much they care about the seriousness of their practice, whether they paint, carve or create digital works. When they generally don't want to belong to a movement or have a label put on their work, they all value the collective.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E06

    In this program we try to define the complex relationship between art and money and realize the importance of being critical in a world where everything and everyone seems to have a price.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E07

    We define the role of museums and see how easily they could become a simple tourists attraction, then realize that museums could likely be relegated to the outdated scrapheap of history, as more and more people assume it's not for us, or it's obsolete.

  • You, Myself and Art S01 E08

    We question the subject of beauty and transcendence in art. We realize that art has this magical power to slow us down whether we're artists or simple observers. Art is our best way of knowing who we are and what we have yet to become.

  • Annenberg: Generation Wealth

    GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield examines the influence of affluence over the last 25 years, illustrating the globalization of materialism, celebrity culture and social status. This timely, thought-provoking collection explores how “keeping up with the Joneses” has become Keeping Up with the Kardashians, magnifying the aspirational gap between what we want and what we can afford. The exhibit is not about the rich, but the pervasive desire for more.

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