Anatomy of a Closet

A countdown of the iconic fashions we all wear every day and yet take for granted. Featuring fashion designer Jason Wu, actress Mena Suvari, and fashion editor Avril Graham.
  • Anatomy of a Closet

    A countdown of the iconic fashions we all wear every day and yet take for granted. Featuring fashion designer Jason Wu, actress Mena Suvari, and fashion editor Avril Graham.

  • Art or Not

    An Ovation TV original special that asks artists, art lovers, and casual observers to experience a broad range of visual artwork and determine if it is indeed art or not.

  • Arts Across the Heartland

    In Ovation’s new original one hour special “Arts Across The Heartland”, we travel state to state to shine a light on the places and people who are elevating and enriching lives through the power of art. These are real stories about real people who are making a difference and showing the positive impact that art has on their communities.

  • Close Up: Photographers At Work

    In this Ovation TV original special

  • Close Up: Portraits

    In this continuation of the Ovation TV original special Close Up

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E01

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to Philadelphia, where he creates a three-dimensional anamorphic chalk drawing in tribute to the patriotic American Eagle.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E02

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to London where he dazzles onlookers with a chalk drawing of Big Ben that will traverse not only the sidewalk, but also an adjacent wall.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E03

    Street artist Julian Beever travels to Stockholm, Sweden, where he finds the perfect public square for his next creation, a three-dimensional river scene.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E04

    Street artist Julian Beever sets out to create a 3-D chalk-drawn scene of pedestrians exiting a subway, as an homage to New York life.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E05

    As tribute to Berlins breweries, street artist Julian Beevers latest chalk drawing depicts two happy Germans with a giant mug of the finest German beer money can buy.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E06

    In Amsterdam, street artist Julian Beever creates his tribute Dutch living by depicting a table covered with a cornucopia of wine, fruit, cheese, and flowers.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E07

    Street artist Julian Beever heads to San Francisco, a cultural mecca, where he sets out to create a three-dimensional chalk drawing depicting the great quake of 1906.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E08

    What better way for artist Julian Beever to represent Paris than with a three dimensional depiction of its most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E09

    Street artist Julian Beever heads to Mexico to create an anamorphic chalk drawing in the middle of El Zocalo, the largest square in Mexico City.

  • Concrete Canvas S01 E10

    The Redondo Beach pier has ample room for street artist Julian Beevers latest creation - a testament to the LA lifestyle that depicts a blonde relaxing in a pool.

  • Destination France: The Birthplace of Luxury Part 1

    The luxurious lifestyle and history of the French is something to marvel and envy. The French invented fashion, perfume, champagne, the ballet, have built the most decadent palaces and monuments, and inspired and created some of the best art, food and wine in the world. Host, Chelsea Cannel takes what can only be described as a dream trip through France.

  • Destination France: The Birthplace of Luxury Part 2

    Host Chelsea Cannel continues on a dream trip through France exploring French luxury, this time in the French Riviera. With the help of a famous French blogger Mister Riviera, Cannel explores the origins of luxury to its roots in modern day from the art to the yachts to the billion dollar homes. And even gets a rare meeting with Pierre Auguste Renoir’s great-grandson.

  • Destination: California

    Join host Chelsea Cannell in this hour-long journey for the senses as we drive up the coast of California. From Carmel to San Francisco and Sonoma, check out the beautiful scenery along the road as Chelsea perfects her swing in a private golf lesson in Pebble Beach, visits historic hotels and galleries and indulges in the finest dining to be had in the Golden State, including the 3-michelin star Single Thread which has perfected the art of farm to table cuisine.

  • Destination: Versailles

    Host Carly Steel checks out the best things to do in Versailles France. From the famed palace and gardens to the extraordinary chateau that helped inspire it, to the quaint local shops and cuisine, explore what makes Versailles such a special place.

  • Everything is Art

    This Ovation TV Original Special explores some of the most interesting designers at work today covering furniture

  • Forbes' SOLD!

    Money, history and art are on the line when Ovation TV explores what goes on in the worlds biggest auction houses like Sothebys, Christies and Phillips de Pury as well as the smaller houses like LA Modern.

  • Ford’s Theatre: America’s Playhouse

    In this original documentary special, Ovation will celebrate the history of the Ford’s Theatre as one of the nation’s most iconic cultural institutions.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E01 - Hitler's Dealer

    In Munich in 2013 a giant haul of missing masterpieces was discovered. Cornelius Gurlitt was the man behind it and we investigate how his father's job was to purchase works for Hitler himself as part of his Fuhrermuseum

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E02 - Faberge' Eggs

    Each year Carl Fabergé made a, one of a kind Easter egg for the Tsar’s family. But Carl was forced to flee Russia during the revolution and 8 of these priceless Imperial Eggs went missing. With one of the elusive 8 recently uncovered could the others seven survived the chaos of 1917.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E03 - Vincent Van Gogh

    When Van Gogh died he was a complete unknown, his paintings fetching under 10 dollars. So how did his works become some of the most revered and expensive in the world? His sister in law Johanna is to thank for that. With a new Van Gogh having been discovered just last year, where are the rest?

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E04 - Monuments Men

    During WWII the Nazis plundered some of the world’s greatest art works as they tore across Europe. We find out how the Allies tracked them down, what they saved and what it still missing to this day.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E05 - Leonardo da Vinci

    The story of the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911 from the Louvre and how Pablo Picasso was accused if the crime. Plus the incredible tales of how many other of da Vinci's works were lost to history and had to be reclaimed

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S01 E06 - Vemeer

    The Dutch didn’t appreciate what they had. For 200 years Vermeer was completely forgotten. Try to recover a lost man’s masterpieces has driven men to great extremes and gave rise to one of the greatest forgers the world has ever seen.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E01 - Raiders Lost Art: Stealing the Scream

    One of the world’s most-famous works of art has been stolen on numerous occasions. Thieves in 1994 left a message saying only ‘thanks for the poor security.’

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E02 - Raiders Lost Art: Klimt Gustav's Gold

    Painted during Vienna’s cultural heyday, Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele” was confiscated by the Nazis during WWII.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E03 - The Many Faces of Rembrandt

    These works that span Rembrandt’s entire adult life have been scattered across the globe and had a life and history all their own.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E04 - Raiders Lost Art: El Greco

    An artist so ahead of his time, it took centuries for the Impressionists to rediscover the brilliance of El Greco. Was this particular picture the inspiration behind Picasso's masterpiece Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E05 - The Lessons of Leonardo

    Lost for centuries, this masterpiece has revealed the workings of the ultimate genius, Leonardo Da Vinci.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E06 - The Elusive Van Eyck

    Jan van Eyck is a truly great artist who remains a mystery. His elusive genius has meant many of his works have been desired and stolen.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E07 - Van Gogh's Seven Sunflowers

    Painted for the arrival of Paul Gaugin in Arles, this set of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh has gone on an astonishing journey ever since.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E08 - Monet: First Impressions

    It is the painting that started a whole movement: Impressionism. Claude Monet’s famous painting was stolen in 1985 and was missing for five years.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E09 - Vermeer: The Lost Pearl of Delft

    Johannes Vermeer was all but forgotten for centuries and this iconic work lay dormant, overlooked before it was rediscovered.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E10 - Capturing Cezanne

    One of the great post-Impressionistic works, Cezanne’s “Boy in the Red Vest” was stolen in 2008, but was recovered recently in Serbia.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E11 - Turner: Leading Light

    Turner showed his brilliance with this dazzling work. It was stolen in Frankfurt in 1998 and was bought back from the thieves in a curious deal.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S02 E12 - Raphael the Relentless

    Painted for a Silician monastery, the boat it was transported on sunk in a storm. However it was miraculously recovered and then later stolen by Napoleon.

  • Raiders of the Lost Art S03 E01 - Tomb Raiders

    The history of various thefts of art and efforts to recover them.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E01

    Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri visit Brighton Museum to investigate who painted two neglected pictures of religious subjects.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E02

    Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri travel to the grand Georgian mansion of Tatton Park in Cheshire, where Bendor has spotted a mysterious portrait of a 16th-century physician in its collection.

  • The Art Detectives S05 E03

    In a fifth series of Art Detectives, Dr Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri return to scour Britain’s regional museums and nationally owned houses in a hunt for more lost and hidden public treasures, uncovering the forgotten but fascinating stories behind our public collections.

  • The Met: 20 Years & The Art of Fashion

    An in-depth look at the history of the Met Gala, fashion’s annual fundraising ball on behalf of the Met’s Arts Costume Institute. Based on 20 years of historical coverage, from 1995 to 2015

  • The Met: Fashion in an Age of Technology

    Electrifying recap of this year’s big event. Red carpet interviews, review of the exhibit, celebrity fashion critiques, and more. Co-chairs: Idris Elba, Jonathan Ive, Taylor Swift, and Anna Wintour.

  • The Young Leaders – One Young World Stories

    Through the artistic medium of documentary filmmaking and storytelling, Ovation TV, a longtime supporter of art and activism, presents the story of six young leaders from diverse backgrounds who are creating a better future through One Young World, the organization that has given them the global platform to accelerate their social impact.

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