The Art Of: Tattoo

(2013) Zulu. Profiles of two artists with different specialties – medical tattoos and tribal tattoos.
  • Britney Spears: Breaking Free

    The Princess of Pop is still waiting for her fairytale ending. It has been a roller coaster ride for Britney Jean Spears ever since her second audition for The Mickey Mouse Club made her a household name at age eleven.

  • The Real Taylor Swift: Wild Dreams

    Here’s the latest on the pop juggernaut Taylor Swift, whose popular crossover music has made her dreams come true despite love and loss in life.

  • J-Lo: From the Block

    Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Throughout her career, she has starred in major blockbusters, released multi platinum albums and raised thousands for charities, ultimately propelling herself to the forefront of Hollywood’s fame.

  • Shakira: Latin Queen

    Catchy lyrics and hip-shaking dance moves; Shakira is one of the greatest artists of our time. Her songs have been played all over the globe and have influenced audiences everywhere. Top charting hits, groundbreaking collaborations and world cup anthems.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E05

    Nadia Brown discovers many real-world ways creative solutions help, heal and raise up individuals and communities. Recent government initiatives designed to assist the creative sector are also explored.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E03

    How did the arts become partisan? And why are certain types of art censored or politicized? Host Nadia Brown asks these questions with a historical deep dive to find out why political funding for the arts is still considered controversial.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E02

    Nadia Brown talks about the devastating impact Covid 19 had on the creative economy. Nadia connects with arts workers around the country as they discuss their personal experiences of unemployment and lack of government aid.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E04

    How do we define and preserve our American Culture? This episode delves into the importance of a Secretary of Arts and Culture and ponders why the US has never appointed one.

  • The Green Room with Nadia Brown S01 E01

    Nadia Brown delves into the Billion dollar business of the arts and the massive impact of the creative sector on the economy. Plus how the artistic ecosystem is responsible for the success of so many ancillary businesses and a chat with Dr. Michael Seman.

  • Go Jump the Fence

    Time is the enemy in this documentary adventure in no-budget filmmaking. Trek to Brazil with Britt Harris and Molly Elizabeth Parker for the making of Ale Paschoalini’s next feature film Raízes. Will artistry prevail as the crew grapples with the elements in this surprisingly funny, high-pressure, race against the clock?

  • Camille and Julie Berthollet

    For this exceptional recital at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Camille and Julie Berthollet are accompanied by the pianist Guillaume Vincent and the Ensemble Appassionato, directedby Mathieu Herzog.

  • America's Sweethearts: Queens of Nashville

    This documentary chronicles the incredible careers of five country music superstars: FAITH HILL, REBA MC ENTIRE, MIRANDA LAMBERT, TAYLOR SWIFT and CARRIE UNDERWOOD from their unassuming beginnings to the world's largest stages.

  • Michelle Obama: Life After the White House

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama's story has just begun. The Obamas remain busy with their life of activism. This includes their production company, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary. Mrs. Obama’s autobiography, Becoming, has become a best-selling.

  • Beyonce & Jay-Z: Power Love

    It’s been a wild ride. A rock and roller relationship. Two decades in the limelight. Merger of megastar music. Marriage, three kids, almost 300 million records sold and 51 Grammies between them. The beat goes on.

  • Tina Turner: Simply the Best

    The odds were against her. Child of sharecroppers in Boonesville, Tennessee. Abandoned by both parents after their divorce. Victim of domestic violence by her co-star and husband. Yet, Anna Mae Bullock would find her true self as Tina Turner and one day emerge as “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

  • The Art Of S01 E07 - Animation

    (2013) Michael Granberry, Darnell Williams, Rick Solomon. A look at creative fields that are outside the traditional definition of “art.” "The Art of Animation" profiles an artist who has been animating with stop motion since the age of 10, an expert in real time animation technologies and an artist whose company still practices traditional hand-drawn 2D animation.

  • The Art Of S01 E04 - Mixology

    (2013) Tricia Alley, Mitch Harris. "The Art of Mixology" profiles an entrepreneur who creates cutting edge cocktails using unique herbs and seasonal ingredients, a Barber Shop that serves prohibition style martinis and a woman who has turned her passion for mixology into a successful career.

  • The Art Of S01 E01 - Tattoo

    (2013) Zulu. Profiles of two artists with different specialties – medical tattoos and tribal tattoos.

  • The Art Of S05 E02 - Dance

    We travel to different parts of the country, showcasing unique styles from a performance of acrobatic and modern dance movement set on a building. To a teacher who shows her students a unique fusion of ballet, modern and African movements.

  • The Art Of S04 E03 - Comedy

    “The Art Of” explores creative fields that fall outside the traditional definition of art. “The Art Of: Comedy” serves up the laughs with looks at three distinct areas of comedy. We’ll show you what it takes to do stand-up with Maria Bamford, Melinda Hill and others at the Tiger Lily show, record a special podcast with Bill Burr, Al Madrigal and more from the All Things Comedy network, and explore the art of improvisation with the world-famous Groundlings improv group.

  • Art Breakers S01 E04 - No Budget Required

    Miller hunts for art for a hard-to-please New York City socialite while Carol Lee tries to bring in big money at the country’s top art show for photography.

  • Art Breakers S01 E03 - Art From the Outback

    The millionaire owner of a juicing empire hires Carol Lee and Miller to fill the walls of his New York City office – including a very specific request for the restroom.

  • Art Breakers S01 E02 - Vegas Vibes

    A wealthy and eccentric Las Vegas couple calls in Carol Lee and Miller to help replace the bad art that came with their lavish new home.

  • Art Breakers S01 E01 - Commission Control

    Fine art advisors Carol Lee Brosseau and Miller Gaffney are hired by TV star Mario Lopez to commission a piece of art inspired by Mario’s new brand of tequila.

  • Dolly Parton: Queen of Country

    Dolly Parton is the most honored female country performer of all time. Her career began at an early age. She started as a child performer on the radio, then started recording at the age 13. She had a stream of hit singles in the 80’s, the most success being her 1981 hit ‘9 to 5’, and her duet with Kenny Rogers ‘Island in the Stream’. She is reigning queen of Country Music.

  • The Art Of S02 E05 - Burlesque

    (2014)“The Art Of: Burlesque” looks at the sultry style of artists who are revolutionizing the provocative and powerful world of burlesque with their acrobatic exhibitions, captivating cabaret and intimate photography of fearless performers.

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