S1 : E101

Cold War 411

Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: The Red Scare

S1 : E100

Extra, Extra History

Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: 1956

S1 : E102

Suez Canal 411

Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: The Suez Crisis

S2 : E1

Welcome Back

It's late 1957, one year since The Hour was taken off air. With Freddie gone, Bel struggles to keep The Hour afloat as the new Head of News arrives. Hector's decision to ignore his marital problems has drawn him deeper into the allure of El Paradis.

S2 : E2

Fascists and False Accusations

Bel bristles as newlyweds, Freddie and Camille steal the limelight at a party. But it's Hector who's the biggest victim of the evening when police arrive to arrest him on suspicion of assaulting Kiki Delane, the lead showgirl at the Soho Club, El Paradis.

S2 : E3


Bel and Freddie are determined to get to the bottom of who assaulted Kiki, but dredging up the arrest angers Hector, whose drinking begins to spiral out of control. The team draws closer to the truth, but is Hector too self-destructive to handle it?

S2 : E4

Honey Trap

Bel and Freddie pitch the expose Cilenti's vice network and police collusion over an anti-nuclear policy. Meanwhile, Randall and Lix's bond reignites over new information regarding their long-lost secret.

S2 : E5

Reckless to the Core

When a source's body is found, a shaken Bel commands the team to halt their pursuit of the dangerous Cilenti. Freddie is determined to track a new lead: a mystery company seeking to profit from the nuclear bases.

S2 : E6


Scandal hits The Hour as Hector's face hits the tabloids. The team uncovers a major conspiracy story, but how will they tell it with one of their own in the same spotlight? Meanwhile, Bel and Freddie cross a line that threatens their relationship.