July 15, 2019

Los Angeles, CA: Carrying on the tradition of providing audiences with premium mystery programming like Riviera, Murdoch Mysteries, and Frankie Drake Mysteries, Ovation TV, America’s only arts network, has announced the premiere date for its latest crime drama Maigret. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) stars as world-renowned fictional French detective Jules Maigret, who has been featured in 75 books written by Georges Simenon. The mystery is unveiled on Ovation starting Saturday, August 31 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.

Joining Rowan Atkinson are cast members Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve), Lucy Cohu (Becoming Jane), Shaun Dingwall (DCI Banks) and Rufus Wright (EastEnders). Ovation will air both seasons of the series set in 1950s Paris over four weeks.

Ep. 101 – “Maigret Sets a Trap” airs Saturday, August 31 from 7pm-9pm ET

The detective investigates the murder of four women found dead in the Montmartre region of Paris, during the summer of 1955. After setting up an elaborate trap, Maigret is able to uncover crucial details of the events.

Ep. 102 – “Maigret’s Dead Man” airs Saturday, September 7 from 7pm-9pm ET

One morning, an agitated man calls the Police judiciaire asking for Maigret. He claims he’s being followed by someone trying to kill him. Before Maigret can get the details, he hangs up, calls back again from various cafés, until the calls finally stop. That night, his body is found, his face badly beaten, stabbed to death. Riddled with guilt for not having saved “his” dead man, Maigret is determined to find the murderer.

Ep. 201 – “Maigret’s Night at the Crossroads” airs Saturday, September 14 from 7-9pm ET

The body of a Jewish jeweler is found in the car of a Danish national who lives with his sister. When the man is taken in for questioning, he denies all knowledge of the murder, but establishing his true identity is problematic. Maigret attends the funeral of an old colleague and then works with another old colleague on the case.

Ep. 202 – “Maigret in Montmarte” airs Saturday, September 21 from 7-9pm ET

Arlette, an exotic dancer at “Picratt” club, comes to the police for help, telling Maigret about a “countess” who is in grave danger, but she then flees, distrustful and afraid. Soon afterward, she is found murdered; then, the countess’ body is discovered. Maigret must discover the link between the two women as he and his men hunt for the killer in Montmartre’s streets.

All four episodes will be available on demand and on the Ovation NOW app. Maigret is distributed by BBC Studios.

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