Two Episodes Will Air Back-to-Back Every Saturday Night During Mystery Alley

Ovation TV, America’s premier arts network, will air seasons three and four of the beloved British detective series Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators next month. Starring Mark Benton as the hard-boiled Frank Hathaway and Jo Joyner as his rookie sidekick Lu Shakespeare, the series was created by Paul Matthew Thompson (VeraDoctors) and Jude Tindall (Father BrownDoctors). Two episodes will air back-to-back every Saturday night during Ovation TV’s Mystery Alley programming destination. 

Season Three premieres on Ovation TV on Saturday, September 2 at 7pm ET, while Season Four premieres on Saturday, October 7 at 7pm ET.

Episode descriptions plus airdates and times are below:

Episode 301 “How The Rogue Roar’d” airs Saturday, September 2 at 7pm ET

When Frank and Lu are hired to help close down an old bingo hall, Frank is surprised to find an old nemesis at work. But what is he really up to?

Episode 302 “See Thyself, Devil!” airs Saturday, September 2 at 8pm ET

When a washed-up rock star thinks the Devil is trying to kill him, Frank and Lu find themselves in a race to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

Episode 303 “The Sticking Place” airs Saturday, September 9 at 7pm ET

Long-buried secrets are unearthed when Frank and Lu come to the aid of a community of allotment holders who are being threatened with eviction.

Episode 304 “A Serpent’s Tooth” airs Saturday, September 9 at 8pm ET

After a fatal accident in a carpet warehouse, the youngest daughter of a carpet king hires Frank and Lu to investigate her own sisters.

Episode 305 “Thy Fury Spent” airs Saturday, September 16 at 7pm ET

A simple missing persons case takes a dramatic turn as Frank and Lu find themselves in the middle of a dispute over the opening of a new Shakespeare center.

Episode 306 “Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!” airs Saturday, September 16 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu enter the competitive world of hairdressing and find themselves combing through a tangled web of backstabbing and deceit.

Episode 307 “Best Beware My Sting” airs Saturday, September 23 at 7pm ET

An energy tycoon hires Frank and Lu to keep an eye on his wayward eldest daughter and oversee the wedding of his youngest daughter.

Episode 308 “All That Glisters” airs Saturday, September 23 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu find themselves puzzling through the world of enigmatology as they become podcasters investigating a mysterious twenty-year-old car accident.

Episode 309 “O Thou Invisible Spirit of Wine” airs Saturday, September 30 at 7pm ET

When paranormal activity is reported in a Tudor pub, old family feuds are brought to a head and it looks like Frank and Lu have another mystery on their hands.

Episode 310 “Teach Me, Dear Creature” airs Saturday, September 30 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu delve into the ultra-competitive world of private tutoring, and Sebastian encounters an old RADA mate.

Episode 401 “If It Be Man’s Work” airs Saturday, October 7at 7pm ET

Frank and Lu help to expose a mole within local tech company Forosa.

Episode 402 “If Music Be the Food of Love” airs Saturday,October 7 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu enter the competitive world of ballroom dancing.

Episode 403 “Too Much of Water” airs Saturday, October 14 at 7pm ET

Frank and Lu are hired to look into the drowning of a former Miss Stratford-upon-Avon.

Episode 404 “Most Wicked Speed” airs Saturday, October 14 at 8pm ET

When an American PI is arrested for murder, Frank and Lu are taken for a ride.

Episode 405 “Hunger for Bread” airs Saturday, October 21 at 7pm ET

Lu infiltrates a secretive slimming club, only to realize that her sister is a member.

Episode 406 “Die We Must” airs Saturday, October 21 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu find themselves trapped in famous author Greg Alban’s house.

Episode 407 “Some Cupid Kills” airs Saturday, October 28 at 7pm ET

Frank and Lu investigate a death at a Shakespeare-for-hire agency.

Episode 408 “And Rarest Parts” airs Saturday, October 28 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu are approached by a wealthy member of the local trainspotting community.

Episode 409 “Time Decays” airs Saturday, November 4 at 7pm ET

A tourist on an idyllic Shakespeare walk is murdered, and Frank becomes the prime suspect.

Episode 410 “No More Desire a Rose” airs Saturday, November 4 at 8pm ET

Frank and Lu are hired to unmask the ‘Voice in the Dark’ who threatens to destroy Wintermas, while Seb is faced with his first solo case.

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