¡Viva Latin America! JOURNY Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

¡Viva Latin America! JOURNY Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

JOURNY’s September Lineup Includes Travel By Dart, Lost Kingdoms of South America & Central America, Havana Curveball, Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World, and Wheel of Life

Ovation TV, America’s premier arts network, is pleased to announce the latest programming for its award-winning travel-entertainment digital channel, JOURNY. JOURNY premieres a new travel series every month, supported by a curated lineup of diverse programming, talent, and destinations. This September, JOURNY celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month by bringing viewers series and documentaries taking place in Latin America; the programming lineup features Travel By Dart as its anchor series. Titles are available beginning today, Thursday, September 1.

Travel By Dart, a brand-new inspirational series that combines adventure, travel, reality TV, and fun! In each episode, host Soren Mihailovici throws a dart at the world’s map and travels wherever it lands, regardless of how far or complicated it is. This September, don’t miss episodes of Soren’s travels to South America, which JOURNY has specially curated in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Viewers will also enjoy a specially curated lineup of some of JOURNY’s favorite series and documentaries to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, including the following titles:

Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World: The contrast between the majestic statues of Easter Island and the desolation of their surroundings is stark. For decades, Easter Island has been seen as a warning for the planet as a whole: exhaust natural resources and the collapse of civilization is inevitable. But Dr. Jago Cooper believes that this is a disastrous misreading of what happened on Easter Island. Far from being a failure, the culture was a success story – and the real reasons for its demise were not the actions of its people. (90-min documentary)

Havana Curveball: An American teenager faces unbelievable challenges when he decides to donate equipment to young Cuban baseball players. This act of kindness is a thank you to the country that saved his grandfather during the Holocaust. Get to know this heartfelt journey that shows just how difficult and complex it can be to do a simple good deed. (60-min documentary)

Lost Kingdoms of Central America & South America: Archeologist Dr. Jago Cooper travels to Latin America in search of lost “its kingdoms.” He’ll journey to Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia in order to examine evidence that will shed light on these fascinating ancient civilizations. (8 episodes)

Wheel of Life: Meet El Oso (the Bear), one of the founders of Casino, the Cuban dance that launched salsa. A simple man whose joie de vivre delights, regales viewers with tales of his youth when Havana’s exclusive clubs were white only, forcing him to dance on the streets. After rock n’ roll and the revolution intervene, Oso and his circle of friends choreograph a new history felt today across the globe. (30-min documentary)

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