Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch & his VIPs

S14 / E115

S14 : E9

The .38 Murdoch Special

Murdoch’s investigation of an opium den murder may be linked to Nomi’s missing friend.

S14 : E10

Everything is Broken Part One

The brutal murder of a woman from Murdoch’s past complicates his life.

S14 : E11

Everything is Broken Part Two

Murdoch reels from the revelation he has a young son with recently murdered Anna Fulford.

S14 : E113

1908 vs 2008

Murdoch Mysteries takes place in 1908... and we quizzed Yannick Bisson to see how much he knows about that year!

S14 : E112

Spelling Bee

We challenge Yannick Bisson to a spelling bee.

S14 : E114

Which Avenger?

We asked the cast of Murdoch Mysteries "Which Marvel Avenger would your character be?"