Ovation’s Top 10 “Artsy” Films of 2019

December 19, 2019

Adam Sandler stars in “Uncut Gems.”

These are the “artsy” and indie movies that left our staff debating for weeks.

  1. “Parasite”


    A smart, compelling and important film to enjoy and discuss for days after you watch. The movie contrasts two families of opposing means, making powerful statements about class in a metropolitan Korean city.

  2. “Midsommar”

    Dani travels to Sweden for the summer with grad student friends, only to discover things are not what they seem in the Scandanavian countryside. 
  3. “The Joker”

    “The Joker”

    This is a controversial film that will leave you debating the current political and social-economical climate of our country. Joaquin Phoenix gives an impeccable performance that could earn him an Oscar win for Best Actor.

  4. “The Farewell”

    “The Farewell”

    You’ll laugh and cry at this tale about a lie that a family must keep from their beloved matriarch. Based on a true story, writer-director Lulu Wang delivers a poignant and honest look at family.

  5. “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

    “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

    This is a beautifully shot love story to a changing San Francisco by locals on the fringe: skaters, squatters, street preachers, and playwrights. We follow Jimmie’s quest to save a Victorian home from his childhood with his best friend Mont.

  6. “Uncut Gems”
    Adam Sandler is back in another dramatic role that could finally earn the comedic actor an Academy Award nomination. He stars as a larger-than-life jeweler navigating gambling debt and other tribulations.
  7. “Honey Boy”

    “Honey Boy”

    Shia LaBeouf penned this script about his childhood and relationship with his father as a form of therapy in rehab. Shia LaBeouf plays his father in this dreamy depiction of memories, directed by Alma Har’el.

  8. “Pain & Glory”

    “Pain and Glory”

    This is a semi-autobiographical look at Pedro Almodovar’s childhood and late-in-life struggle with chronic pain. What may seem like two unrelated events come together in a movie full of heart, love, and an astounding performance by Antonio Banderas.

  9. “The Lighthouse”

    “The Lighthouse”

    Shot in black-and-white, this psychological horror follows the story of two lighthouse keepers as they begin to lose their mind during a storm.

  10. “Waves”


    This film tells the story of a suburban family and their experiences with love, forgiveness, and coming together in the wake of a difficult loss.