Battle Of The Nutcrackers

Vote for your favorite throughout December – Watch the winner December 24 8ET/5PT

Since Tchaikovsky created The Nutcracker almost 125 years ago, it’s become a worldwide sensation. Battle of the nutcrackers is Ovation’s holiday present to the families of America, a playful twist on the holiday tradition. Now in its eighth year.

This year’s Battle of the Nutcrackers features four unique and celebrated versions: The Nutcracker (Youri Vámos; 2009), Royal Opera House’s The Nutcracker (2000), Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker, and The Nutcracker: Mariinsky 2012.

TV Schedule

The Nutcracker (Youri Vámos; 2009) – Monday December 15th at 7AM ET

Royal Opera House’s The Nutcracker (2000) – Tuesday December 16th at 7AM ET

Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker - Wednesday December 17th at 7AM ET

The Nutcracker: Mariinsky 2012 – Thursday December 18th at 7AM ET

The winner airs - Wednesday December 24th at 8PM ET

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