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About the show

In this neo-noir, Detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) goes on a cat-and-mouse chase to find a serial killer in Belfast, Ireland. She must stop the perpetrator before he moves on to the next victim.

This isn’t your typical whodunit. We see seemingly mild-mannered dad (Paul Spector) moonlight as the unconventional killer. The question is "why?"

Meet the Cast

Stella Gibson

Gillian Anderson

Stella Gibson is a capable and calculated Detective Superintendent for the London police. When she learns about the hunt for the brutal serial killer, she heads to Belfast to solve the case. Gibson has some unorthodox methods, but could that be the difference in catching her killer?

Paul Spector

Jamie Dornan

Paul Spector seems every bit the typical caring suburban dad, except he has a habit of murdering. When Paul is not being a doting husband and father, he is killing young women in growingly gruesome ways. Will he be able to cover his tracks or will Stella Gibson find out about his secret life?