A veteran Inspector and his young sergeant investigate murders around the wealthy, isolated English county of Midsomer. A picturesque and peaceful place on the outside, but one filled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with all kinds of vices.

S9 : E1

The House in the Woods

With the help of PC Ben Jones, DCI Barnaby investigates the garrotting of a husband and wife outside a reportedly haunted cottage near Midsomer Newton. Barnaby and Jones must separate truth from fiction as they navigate overenthusiastic villagers, shady property developers, and fanatical conservationists alike as they attempt catch the killer.

S9 : E2

Dead Letters

When Marion Slade is found dead on the first day of Midsomer Barton's Oak Apple Week, DCI Barnaby and DC Jones investigate, but was it suicide or murder? As the investigation progresses, Barnaby is shaken by the appearance of two villagers who look just like murder victims from his past.

S9 : E3

Vixen's Run

DCI Barnaby and DC Jones unravel some unsavoury truths, sinister secrets, and hidden treasures among the extended family of eccentric aristocrat Sir Freddy Butler who unexpectedly dies during a special dinner presentation.

S9 : E4

Down Among the Dead Men

When council clerk Martin Barrett is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones soon discover that their victim was a notorious blackmailer. With no shortage of suspects, but no real evidence either, Barnaby finds himself investigating beyond the borders of Midsomer for answers.

S9 : E5

Death in Chorus

When Connor Simpson, a member of the Midsomer Worthy choir is mysteriously murdered during the run-up to a heated singing competition, the rest of the choir members, including Joyce Barnaby are terrified for their lives.

S9 : E6

Country Matters

Controversial plans to build a supermarket in Elverton-cum-Latterly lead to murder when a man is stabbed to death.