Episode 202

Jack and Georgina go undercover to investigate the murder of a student.

Mystery Alley - Vexed

Season 2
Season 1
Season 2
  • Vexed S02 E01 - Episode 201

    Jack gets a new partner who's not only unimpressed by him, but fiercely competitive. Together, they set about solving the murder of a car salesman.

  • Vexed S02 E02 - Episode 202

    Jack and Georgina go undercover to investigate the murder of a student.

  • Vexed S02 E03 - Episode 203

    When Ted Finch goes missing, Jack and Georgina concentrate their attentions on the local health club he attends so enthusiastically. Or does he?

  • Vexed S02 E04 - Episode 204

    When a contestant on the TV cookery show Kitchen Maestro is murdered, Georgina goes undercover as her replacement - and becomes rather keen on baking.

  • Vexed S02 E05 - Episode 205

    The headmaster of a very exclusive school is murdered in his office - with a knitting needle.

  • Vexed S02 E06 - Episode 206

    Jack and Georgina investigate a violent jewel robbery, but Jack is distracted by news of his brother's impending marriage.

  • Vexed S01 E01 - Episode 101

    Kate Bishop, a police detective with a shaky marriage, moves from Bristol to London and finds herself partnered with the distinctly eccentric - and rather less dedicated - Jack Armstrong.

  • Vexed S01 E02 - Episode 102

    Kate and Jack investigate attempts on the life of a banker - and Jack makes an unfortunate discovery about himself.`

  • Vexed S01 E03 - Episode 103

    Jack awaits the worst as he prepares for his operation while Kate and her husband debate returning to Bristol. Oh, and there's been a kidnapping..

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